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Hot Topics & Risk Areas

  • Risk status has not changed for items moved to the Parking Lot/At Risk list.
    • Clear Private Data & Managing Bookmarks Locally (Delete) will be decomposed, and will be partially completed for V1.0. Definition of what pieces 'will' make it is not final, and depends on time/resources available.
    • Offline Reading & Send Tab To will still to be completed IF time allows (but are not to be prioritized above other confirmed features).
  • L10N Status continues to be at risk:
    • Locales will be added to this weeks build
    • Translation is still ongoing in iterative fashion. Status can be seen on the dashboard. We remain at 31 Locales opted-in.
    • Final string freeze remains a tentative target of May 1st for now, as we aim to put the additional 3 weeks available until launch in to bug fixing/stabilization rather than expanding scope.
  • Discussion underway to updates end-game milestone details based on new launch date

Current Status of Development

Status of Notable Schedule Milestones

  • String Freeze for L10N [MM-DD-YY]
  • L10N complete/cut-off for release [MM-DD-YY]
  • Last uplift from L10N source into gh repo [MM-DD-YY]
  • Final Marketing copy for store available [MM-DD-YY]
  • Final Screen Shots for store available [MM-DD-YY]
  • Marketing copy uploaded to store [MM-DD-YY]
  • Final Privacy Notice available from Legal [MM-DD-YY]
  • Final SUMO articles published [MM-DD-YY]
  • Final build available [MM-DD-YY]
  • Final build signed off [MM-DD-YY]
  • Final build uploaded to store [MM-DD-YY]

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