Mobile/Firefox for iOS/Status Report/11-Mar-2015

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Hot Topics & Risk Areas

  • Current 'must-have' scope has been noted as too large for the team to reasonably complete in a quality manner for May 12th. The team working on iOS is not large and currently strapped for resources.
    • We have done an aggressive triage of outstanding features which have not yet started development, and have proposed a list of features the team does not feel are necessary out of the gate on May 12th. We are awaiting review and feedback from Product Management on this proposal before this pared down scope definition is finalized.
  • L10N is considered at risk for May 12th.
    • Note - L10N is not considered a blocker for shipping on May 12th
    • There are not currently any resources committed for JA translation
    • While the current stings in the repo have been translated for DE, we do NOT have resources committed to translated the final/outstanding strings.

Current Status of Development

  • These Charts will need to be refreshed once the finalized scope is confirmed

Status of Notable Schedule Milestones

  • Decision to be confirmed on final scope - EOD Thursday March 12th
  • String Freeze TBD - dependent on finalized scope

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