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Last updated: 2014/04/23


Initiatives are larger areas of focus that we are going to explore towards developing new projects, features, or products to solve specific problems.

Px Status Project DRI Goals *
P1 User retention dria, mfinkle GRO {{{epic}}}
P1 Improve webapp performance mfinkle, blassey DAF, DAH {{{epic}}}
P2 Mobile/Initiatives/Mobile developers: identify primary pain points dria DAF, DAH {{{epic}}}
P2 Better integrate with devtools ecosystem dria, mfinkle DAF, DAH {{{epic}}}
P2 Support Loop on Android mfinkle, blassey ECO {{{epic}}}
P2 Measure and track contributor engagement dria, nalexander COM {{{epic}}}


Proposals are specific ideas for new projects, features or products that we're fleshing out for review and approval.

Px Status Project DRI Goals *
P1 Search widget dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P1 Search activity dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P1 Webapp integration dria GRO, ECO {{{epic}}}
P1 Firefox Launcher dria GRO, REV, ECO {{{epic}}}
P2 Password and form auto-fill sync service dria GRO, ECO {{{epic}}}
P1 China distribution dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P2 Kidfox dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P2 Search tasks dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P2 Location-aware search dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P2 Comparison shopping integration dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P2 Marketplace and webapp discovery dria GRO, ECO {{{epic}}}
P2 India distribution dria GRO, REV {{{epic}}}
P3 Stealthfox dria GRO {{{epic}}}


  • GRO - Grow users & usage
  • REV - Increase revenue and establish new revenue sources
  • FXA - Drive Firefox Accounts adoption
  • ECO - Support Mozilla ecosystem
  • DAF - Drive developer adoption of Firefox
  • DAH - Drive developer adoption of HTML5 for games and apps
  • COM - Community engagement