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  • Wednesdays - 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #mobile for backchannel


  • See timeline
    • Beta 1 code freeze: Sept 13 (slipped but we are close)
    • Design freeze: Sept 16
    • Beta 2 code freeze: Sept 23 (might depend on Beta 1 slip)

Major Topics for This Week

  • Crashes
    • bug 595868 20 second crash (garbage collection related? Android only? We have stack traces on Android.)
    • bug 596382 N900 content crash (shows content for a little while)
    • bug 596433 Illegal instruction on Android (has a fix, needs a little work)
    • bug 594563, bug 596482 Regular expression on Android


  • Working on Beta 1 blockers
  • Also working on Beta 2 blockers
    • Login Manager patchs landed and we have some followup work for it
    • Tile Manager patch has been reviewed and should be OK to land when cedar lands on m-c. We have some followup bugs to file.
  • Features (see Planning page)
    • Sharing backend for Android and Maemo was pushed to Beta 2
    • Beta Feedback XPI landed
    • We have done some work on simplifying the downloads around downloading
    • Webapps for Maemo might land for Beta 1
    • RSS support is ready for another review
    • Android theme is underway
    • Need Madhava feedback on Master Password patch
    • Making a final decision on clipboard context menu
  • Working with Madhava on UX designs and loose ends
    • Design freeze is looming

UX design

  • Android theme work is ready for final review; see it here:

    • accompanying notes on their way
  • finishing flow explanations for
    • meego vkb
    • android and meego sharing (just to be perfectly clear!)
    • copy paste

The following set of bugs describes the changes to what's in the nightly front end to get to what we want. In terms of screen layout, the android theme mockups (and bug) shows the changes required.

  • Add-ons Manager
    • bug 596594 - ability to browse more add-ons in add-ons manager
    • bug 594795 - Add a "What's an Add-on" block to the Add-ons Manager
  • Sharing redesign
    • bug 596609 - share items from the awesomescreen
    • bug 596615 - autobookmark shared pages/links
    • bug 596632 - on n900, make sure that SMS and email are sharing options
  • Awesomescreen
    • bug 596612 - indicate "remote" pages in awesomescreen results
    • bug 596614 - focusing the URL field on the awesomescreen should not visibly change categories
    • bug 596626 - Use the vkb with "Go" button when on awesomescreen
    • bug 594918 - dismiss vkb as a user starts to pan the awesomelist
  • Titlebar
  • Find in page
    • bug 596619 - panning the page during findbar use shouldn't dismiss the findbar
    • bug 596621 - findbar - need to indicate when no matches found
  • Undo Close Tab
    • bug 582583 - Expose a small, simple UI for 'Undo Closed Tab'
  • Presf Pane
    • bug 596629 - Use vkb with "next" button when in prefs (sync)
  • Themeing




  • Custom dlopen bug 588607 2/3rds done
    • Can load libraries via our own dlopen
    • Need to add new interface to load from regions within a file
    • Compression may be difficult
  • Investigating using gold bug 596024
  • updater landed, aki testing on the server side
  • we crash on startup



Some TODOs for b1.

General Platform

  • Valgrind on ARM making progress! Go Julian!

Geolocation Working Group



  • Slipping the last of the platform pieces that aren't NPOTB for firefox into the tree today. (565843 needs approval2.0)
  • Dealing with a fun bug that a previous patch exposed (Bug 594964)




  • Patches done for nsIEncodedChannel support in e10s (needed to get gzip/gunzip right for some cases), need review+landing, which should hopefully happen today.
  • Working on Pause/Resume regression described in bug 596402
  • Working w/ Honza on crash/assert-botch described in bug 596059





Release Engineering

  • android update status -- in progress.
    • patches look good but i'm uploading snippets to the wrong place -- i need to upload them to the *previous* nightly's buildid; same with release patches
    • hoping to fix/review/land nightly patches today.
  • android l10n -- will need to investigate how omnijar will change things
  • android tests -- launching tests, running into remote logging issues
    • bear to try using patches attached to bugs
      • android unit/talos tests testing with patch for bug 596132 to finalize steps
    • bug to order 10 tegras filed
  • tinderbox greenness -- I suspect talos isn't crashing due to e10s?
    • unit tests have been red/orange but hid them yesterday at Stuart's request




  • talos
    • bug 582997 - working patch for android and n900, r+ need to land. YAY tpan/tzoom party time!
  • android
    • lots of little fixes in the patch queue now, sounds like :bear has done a lot of work as we are finding some of these little bugs now:)
  • browser-chrome - need some attention, carryover from last week