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The main focus of Fennec 2.0 is on the platform side of things, focusing on Electrolysis and Layers and on Android integration. We'll continue to make front-end improvements that reflect a shift to more devices with broader capabilities.


Important milestones (subject to change):

Alpha 1

  • Shipped on August 27, 2010

Beta 1

  • Shipped on October 7, 2010

Beta 2

  • Shipped on November 4th, 2010
  • Code freeze: Oct 19
  • Major Requirements:

Beta 3

  • Shipped on December 22, 2010
  • Code freeze: Nov 23
  • Major Requirements:

Beta 4

Top Goals: Performance, Stability, Compatibility, Usability

Beta 5

Top Goal: Launch Places changes- detailed schedule:

  • Feb 15 - Code Freeze
  • Feb 17 - Go to build
  • Feb 23 - Launch

RC 1

Top Goal: RC “as close as possible to final release”

  • Mar 11: Code Freeze, decision to go to build
  • Mar 14: “go to build” RC1
  • Mar 21 or 22: Launch, review RC1 user feedback

Call RC1 “final”

  • Mar 22: Analyze RC feedback, make go/no-go decision
  • Mar 29: GA Launch (time frame depends on user feedback)

RC 2 (if required)

Those dates are subject to change, as they depend on user feedback and severity of bugs from RC1

Top Goal: RC2 “fixing only major bugs from RC1”

  • Mar 21: Start fixing severe bugs (only)
  • Mar 24: Complete bug fixing, tests and go to build
  • Mar 28: RC2 launch
  • Mar 30: GA launch


List of projects for Fennec 2.0


Description Priority Status Details Strings Bugs
Multitouch P1 LANDED details yes
Virtual keyboard P1 LANDED details no
Sync integration P1 LANDED details yes
Logging in to websites easier (need to be more specific) P3 Moved to 4.1
Contacts integration P2 LANDED details no
Start page redesign

AwesomeScreen redesign P1 LANDED details yes
Find in page P3 LANDED details yes
Sharing P2 LANDED details yes
Platform integration (notification systems, back button, helper apps) P1 LANDED details yes
Session Store & Undo Tab Close P4 LANDED details no
Feedback and Help P3 LANDED details yes
UI Transitions/animations (zooming, sliding panels, fade in/out, elastic edges) P3 Moved to 4.1
Page interactions (direct use and/or cursor mode) P1 Moved to 4.1 details no
Scroll indicators (content and chrome) P2 LANDED details no
Consistent use of tap-and-hold

Better error pages P4 Moved to 4.1 details yes
Mobilize our messages/dialogs P4 Moved to 4.1 details yes
Form Assistant refresh P2 LANDED details no
RTL support P1 LANDED details no
Basic RSS support P3 Moved to 4.1 details yes
Basic webapp support P4 Moved to 4.1 details yes
Android chrome theme P1 LANDED details yes
Camera UI P3 Moved to 4.1 details yes
Reflow on zoom P3 LANDED details no
Remove TileManager from Frontend P1 LANDED details no
Master Password P4 Moved to 4.1 details yes
Updater P1 LANDED details yes


Description Priority Status Details Strings Bugs
Electrolysis P1 INFLIGHT details notes no
Layers P1 LANDED notes no
Power Management P1 LANDED
QT Widget


Video (and UI)

Camera (and UI)
Moved to 4.1

Status Legend:

  • RUNWAY - Waiting for design or initial planning
  • TAKEOFF - Ready for work to begin
  • INFLIGHT - Work is in progress. Patches should be in bugs.
  • LANDED - Work has finished and is in the product.

See the projects page for the list of all potential projects.



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