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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Meeting Structure Proposal
  • Until MWC, devote 15 mins to discuss status of the demos, open questions, etc
  • Week 1: Roadmap Review (larger audience, full picture)
  • Week 2: Product Planning - dive into beta and aurora releases
  • Week 3: Product Planning - dive into nightly, and the two releases prior
  • Week 4: Product Planning - prepare for larger roadmap review, have feature review(s)
MWC Status

MWC demo project plan

Open questions / items (off top of my head)

  • Benchmarking
    • Initial tests do not show a strong story for us in time for MWC
    • Other angles and positioning will need to be applied, KR/Deb to send around material on this front later this week
  • WebGL (games)
    • Meeting later this week to discuss demo
  • WebRTC
    • Improvements being made, although good enough for public demo at MWC?
    • Possibility to marry WebRTC with private browsing for 'secure' comms channel?
  • Customisation
    • Bugs submitted for carrier chromes
    • Mark to submit bugs to split out the work and include details discussed
  • Device targets
    • Sign off: QA, WebGL? WebRTC? H264 decoding support?
Other Items
  • NextGen sync update
    • Product to give consolidated view to Engineering to get traction on the project
    • V1 will be basic, and each quarter we'll add further features
    • Current thinking
  • Feature specs / user stories getting flushed out
  • Quick status updates
    • X86 follow-up with Intel, Motorola (Mark, Brad to ping contacts)
    • Use of custom font (open discussion to be had - treading carefully due to precedent)
    • Per-tab private browsing (no red flags)
    • All Android-supported locales (792077 - more work on builds to be done to accurately test size, speed)
    • ARMv6 600MHz, 512MB, HVGA (Kevin to take a look at the stock of devices that are in)
    • ARMv6 600MHz, 384MB, QVGA
    • Hiding URL bar (to be discussed tomorrow for implementation)
    • about:home customisation (feature review next week)
    • Media decoding (H264) on GB, HC, Froyo