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Primary Devices

LG Nexus 4 are the target handsets for both Firefox for Android and WebRTC demos
Sony Xperia Tablet S is the target tablet for the Firefox for Android Demo
Nexus 7 can also be used
Asus Transformer Pad Infinity and are back-up tablets

Set Up totals

Many thanks to everyone who is helping to set up devices, to get a minimum set, we'll need
  • All the Sony Xperia Tablets, 10 total
  • Both (all) of the the Nexus 7's, 2 total
  • And 10-12 of the LG Nexus 4's

Demo Pod

  • 2 LG Nexus 4 handsets
  • 2 Sony Xperia Tablets
  • 2 Nexus 7 phablets <== nice to have

TOTAL: 6 Devices

PR Rooms

  • 4 LG Nexus 4 Handsets
  • 4 Sony Xperia Tablets

Total: 8 devices (3 for each room and one for back up

Pocket Demos & Meeting People

The following people need Sony Tablets

√ Johnathan Nightengale
√ Karen Rudnitski
√ Mark Finkle
√ Brad Lassey
√ Mark Crandon <== double check
TOTAL: 4 tablets

The following people have Nexus 4 handsets but need them set up

√ Mark Crandon
√ Mary Colvig
√ Gary Kovacs
<== Gary's is set up with Fx19 and an older build which should be *fine* unless he is interested in the game

The following people need to be given Nexus 4 handsets and need them set up

√ Laura Forest
√ JB Piacento
√ Mark Banner
√ Jay Sullivan <== David Slater may give him his directly
√ David Slater
√ Chad Weiner
√ Anyone else from Biz Dev or PR?

The following people have brought over a LG Nexus 4 handset and will deliver them to the booth

√ Mary Colvig (2) √ Laura Forrest (4) √ David Slater (1)

HW Inventory for Reference

  • 14 LG Nexus 4's were shipped from London
  • 7 additional Nexus 4's are being carried by David Slater (1), Mary Colvig (2) and Laura Forrest (4)
  • 2 Motorola RAZR i's were shipped from London and can be used on an as-needed basis, these are x86 phones. Just let Karen, Brad and Mark know where they are so they can access them as needed.
  • 5 LG Optimus G (unlocked) phones were shipped from London, consider these back ups, too and use them before the Samsung Galaxy S3's
  • 12 Samsung Galaxy S3's were shipped from London, these are extreme back ups
  • 10 Sony Xperia tablets were shipped from London
  • 3 ASUS Transformer Pad infinity tablets were shipped from London, these can be used as back up. Press people should be using the Sony's
  • Nexus 7 - 2 total
  • 2 Macbook Pro's for the WebRTC demo

Device Set-Up: Settings

  • Unpack the device, get it charged, get a SIM card from IT to be installed for the Nexus 4's being positioned in the booth. You will see there is a handy dandy tool to open the SIM card drawer included in the N4 box
  • If you are a geek, and you are using ADB to install .APKs and are in the possession of a shiny new LG Nexus 4, UPDATE your Android SDK using the SDK updater. Refer to this forum for details:
  • If you are not into using ADB, you can download the APKs via the browser that ships on your device. Way less fun but gets the job done
  • This will take about 5 minutes per device
  1. Unbox the Phone
  2. Unpack and turn on your demo device.
  3. If this is a brand new device, go through the set-up steps when prompted. If this is a device you will not directly control, DO NOT add any personally identifiable information beyond your name and your company (Mozilla)—No email, contact numbers, etc…
  4. There is a generic Google Play Account set up for MWC, feel free to use it as needed (or not), ID: fxamwc2013, Password: firefox2013
  5. WiFi: Connect to MWC WiFi,PUT WIFI INFO HERE
  6. Language: Switch to the correct demo language <== I think you are good to just stick with English for the booth for now
  7. Settings→Language & Input→Language→<Set Demo Language> <== I think you are good to just stick with English for the booth for now
  8. Settings→Display→Brightness→Disable Automatic Brightness→ Set Slider to Approximately 70%
  9. Settings→Display→Sleep/Screen Timeout→30 Minutes
  10. Settings→Security→Screen Lock→NONE
  11. Settings→Security→Auto-Lock→30 Minutes
  12. Enable Developer Status: Settings→About Phone→Build Number→Tap on ‘Build Number’ 3-4 times until you see the “You are now a developer!” message pop up confirming you have done it correctly <==This is only for The Nexus 4's, you should be able to go to the next step for the tablets
  13. Enable USB Debugging:Settings→Developer Options→USB Debugging→enable the option by tapping the square. You will be prompted with “Allow USB debugging?’ say ‘yes’

Device Set-Up: Builds and Demos

My advice at this point is to install these builds but Brad Lassey and Mark Finkle have first right of refusal.

Carrier Demo

  • This will take about 10 minutes per device
  1. If you have ADB Installed, launch adb and type: 'install' –r and drag and drop this link into the terminal
  2. If you don't have ADB, Open Chrome to download Custom Firefox Build: Enter URL:
  3. When download is complete, install the Firefox build by either, swiping down from the top bar (on the homescreen) and tapping “Downloads Fennec-22.0a1.en-US…” or by opening the “Downloads” application ( Apps→Downloads)
  4. Open “Firefox Generic”
  5. Tap URL Bar and enter:
  6. Make sure the throbber stops and the page fully loads, tap ★ to Bookmark the site, tap “Back” to return to the Firefox Startup Page.
  7. Tap and Hold on “Shop Global Wireless” until the menu appears
  8. Tap “Pin Site”
  9. Tap URL Bar and Enter:
  10. Make sure the throbber stops and the page fully loads, tap ★ to Bookmark the site, tap “Back” to return to the Firefox Startup Page.
  11. Tap “Back” to return to the Firefox Startup Page. A tile for the site above will now appear in the top-right tile.
  12. Tap and Hold on “My Wireless Account” until the menu appears
  13. Tap “Pin Site”
  14. Tap URL Bar, enter:
  15. Tap “Back” to return to the Firefox Startup Page. A tile for the site above will now appear in the middle-right tile
  16. Tap and Hold on “Firefox Marketplace” until the menu appears
  17. Tap “Pin Site”
  18. Add Generic Carrier Theme, go to:
  19. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Generic (Green)”
  20. Install the Generic Theme by tapping “Install Theme”
  21. Press “Allow” when prompted.
  22. Remove any non-pinned sites from about:home (Note: Websites will appear on the start:up page automatically, but you should remove those sites which have not been designated as “pinned” sites whenever you have the opportunity. The purpose of this page is to convey the possibility that an operator can place links in our browser; that message is diminished if this page is cluttered).
  23. Tap and Hold tiles to to bring up the menu. When the menu appears, tap “remove.”
  24. The only websites which should appear as tiles on about:home are “Shop Global Wireless,” “My Wireless Account,” and “Firefox Marketplace”

General, Non-Carrier Demo

  1. Install & Prep Build for FX19
  2. Install Fx19: <== we should replace this with Fx20 beta or it may be replaced by Brad's mega-build
  3. Open Google Play Store→Type “Firefox Beta”→Press “Install”
  4. Step 2: Set-up the browser
  5. Install Add-ons
  6. Visit
  7. Install: Stylish, LastPass Password Manager, PDF Viewer, Adblock Plus
  8. Pin Websites to Home Page
  9. Marketplace (
  10. Bookmark Websites (Visit URLs below, Hit “menu,” Tap ★)
  14. Pin websites to home screen (To pin a site, see above steps)
  15. Finishing Steps:
  16. Place both demo builds in easily accessible areas, either on the home screen or in the Android dock by tapping, holding, and dragging the application
  17. Install non-mozilla applications and widgets (Note: The goal here is to make the phone look like an “everyday object” rather than just a prop. Feel free to expand on the ideas below)
  18. Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Clock Widget, Firefox Wallaper

Game Demo

Dungeon Fury
  1. Build is located here:
  2. URL for game: