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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

WebRT & WebAPIs

Short Term update
  • Fx 20 - good to go for GA
    • Private browsing
    • Final round of ARMv6 support: 600MHz, 384MB, QVGA
    • about:home customization
    • H.264 on GB, HC (bug 823253, bug 787228)
      • Uplifted: bug 846465 - crash in mozilla::MediaPluginHost::CreateDecoder @ when playing mp3 files on HTC devices running JB (edit)
      • Tracking issues like this one for Fx21: bug 829454 - Unable to play movie trailers at in Android 2.3 -- I/MediaPluginHost(): Loading OMX Plugin: nullptr
      • EL with input from CD and AT Working to get list of supported devices (or at least a statement) for RelMan Release Notes

Roadmap update
  • Got about half-way through, and will pick it up again next week (hoozah)
  • Notes made on KR's version of PPT. Of note:
    • Only Turkish added to Fx 21 - Hungarian & Slovak targeting 22 now
      • Erin to work with l10n team to get a sense of when other locales can land
    • Reblow on zoom only by double tap, targeting 22
    • No further refinements to be made for customizing about:home - rather, any further improvements will be fed into the home redesign
    • Target redesign of home (to 3 swypable pages) for 23 or 24
    • Look at bringing in some simpler reader improvements (night mode, sans serif, adding to reading list)
    • Listed Q2 APIs targeting 24 (webactivities, push, contacts - we are working on payments, but alarm is also requested)
      • may have overlap between alarm and push
    • Any 'good code' wins for 22?
    • FHR to now target 23
    • WebRTC better to move to 24
    • Need MVP for optimizing on TV and directional navigation using game controler
    • What form (and timing) for data bandwidth improvements? Need to check with BL
    • MVP for Shumway currently being documented and need to further engage with Shumway team