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Initiative: "Firefox Mobile Apps v1"

This initiative is about Apps running on Gecko runtime. It pushes us again toward our goal of bringing open web apps to all the users of the web. Apps for millions of desktop and Mobile FF users in addition to FxOS users.

For Developers, "Firefox Mobile Apps v1" will simply provide a gateway to the global audience and momentum of Firefox Mobile. Developers can begin to grow at the rate of deployment of FxOS, pacing with Android, creating apps with all the powerful features that users expect from native apps; empowered with all the benefits of the open web, supported with the structure and services of a traditional marketplace. It's time to bust open the gates, and share with millions of developers the amazing opportunity we see.

Why "Firefox Mobile Apps v1":

  • Developers - Apps run on multiple platforms; use the same API's, packaging and privileges.
  • Mozilla - gecko runtime consistent on all platforms
  • End-User - my Apps work on all my devices, pay once
  • Operator - remove control points of controlled ecosystems, keep direct to consumer model across all your platforms

Goals for the "Firefox Mobile Apps 1" initiative

  1. Provide working proof of Open Web App principles: the app manifest and app security model
  2. Provide working examples of groundbreaking web APIs on Gecko runtime
  3. Provide delivery vehicle for cross-platform apps (Privileged & Packaged apps on Android, Marketplace)
  4. Provide flexible business model for the delivery of apps by others

Target Audiences

  • Nightly, Fennec 23
  • Aurora Marketplace

Scope: Minimum Viable Product

Parity with FFOS

  1. Implement an app (Kitchen Sink) that showcases the APIs and features supported by the Web Runtime across supported platforms (FXOS, Android).
  2. Implement full life cycle support for packaged apps on Android in Nightly.
    1. Install
    2. Launch
    3. Update
    4. Uninstall
  3. Implement the security/permissions model to enable privileged apps on Android in Nightly.
  4. Implement must have APIs on Android
    1. Contacts API
    2. Push Notification API
    3. Web Activities
    4. mozPay API
    5. Alarm API [stretch]
  5. User Experience of using Firefox Apps on Android

Out-of-Scope This Initiative

  1. E2E payment flow and testing with a provider is out of scope for Q2 and is part of Q3 2013
  2. Marketplace App on Android out-of-scope and in backlog for future projects: no direct market momentum / opportunity yet, potential legal conflicts.
  3. APK work is out of scope of this project delivery. (Long term goal requiring research and multiple teams, including Marketplace)
  4. The decision to promote Marketplace from Aurora to Beta or GA will not be made as part of this initiative.


March 6, 2013 - September 6, 2013


Communication Type Mechanism Audience
General discussion (IRC) #mobile
Regular Meetings
  • Product Delivery Leads Weekly (UX, Dev, QA, Product)
    • Schedule TBD
    • Objective: identify next step and owner for the deliverables in the current sprint, ensure handoffs are made
    • Agenda: Update project tracker

  • Development Delivery (Triage)
    • Thursdays 830 am PST
    • Objective: dev team communicates directly on status of dev deliverables / triage bugs (activity as appropriate to project phase)
    • Agenda:

  • Product / Program Leads Review
    • Twice Monthly : schedule tbd
    • Objective: product and program managers review status
    • Agenda:

  • Program Sponsors Review
    • Monthly : schedule tbd
    • Objective: escalate issues for resolution, celebrate achievements
    • Agenda:
      • milestone review & actionable issues (template tbd)
Meeting Logistics
  • Vidyo: AndroidProduct
  • Audio Dial-In
    • 1-650-903-0800 or + 1-650-215-1282 x92 conf# 99959 (US/INTL)
    • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf# 99959 (US toll free)
Vidyo Open
Meeting Minutes Etherpad all


list required competencies for people and, once defined, the people working on project. note that not all of these competencies will be required for every project

Project Sponsors Rick Fant, Paxton Cooper
Key Stakeholders / Champions Karen Rudnitski, Bill Walker, Bill Maggs, Bob Moss, Jonathan Nightengale, Asa Dotzler, Jay Sullivan
Program Management Caitlin Galimidi, Erin Lancaster
Product Vishy Krishnamoorthy
UX Ian Barlow (Advisory: Maria Sandberg, Josh Carpenter)
Engineering Lead Mark Finkle
Engineering Team Myk Melez, James Hugman, Martyn Haigh, Wes Johnston, Brad Lassey
Engineering Advisory Brian Smith
Incoming Bug Triage Erin Lancaster
QA Aaron Train (Contract Resources)
Localization Jeff Beatty, Axl Hecht
Services Ryan Tilder
Security Ray Forbes
Privacy Alina Hua
RelMan Alex Keybl
Marketing NA
Legal NA