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  • Margaret: Any updates, or are we just good to go with testing?
  • Jesse: Updates on snippet content being prepped for Fx29/Fx30?

Form auto-complete

  • Timing? Currently slated for Fx32, wondering if we could bump that up to Fx31.


  • Any updates around MWC & Android participation?
  • Product Announcements - all is well?


  • Quick rundown of goings-on from Kev &/or Bill
  • Motorola sold by Google to Lenovo for $2.91B - Google sold its handset maker to Lenovo for a mix of stocks and cash, while retaining the majority of Motorola's patent library (Lenovo receives a full license to it). Lots of mixed opinions on whether it was a good deal or not, but Lenovo now has access to a market it hasn't really had success in (the US), and Google gets a considerable patent library for around $4B after all is said and done.
  • HP is Shipping an Android-based Tablet PC Aimed at Small Businesses Interesting variation for enterprise deployments and limited needs small business computing. Seems to be a sign that HP is trying to get out from under the thumb of Microsoft and is an interesting symptom of OS fragmentation. Will be interesting to see if this takes off.


  • Nothing to report today, we are going to be closely watching release this week and reporting if anything breaks.

Quick roadmap review

  • Changes, additions, significant features that may need to be shifted?