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Status Report for Fennec - Kinderfox - for the period ending 05/08/2015

Overall Project Health

This Week Last Week



Exec Summary/Hot Topics

  • Discussions with product management past week resulted in prioritization of the Kinderfox backlog, and scope clarification around must-have functionality to be viable, and significant progress made toward those targets
  • Must-have items are at 90% Completion
  • Other work (Nice-to-haves, clean-up and regressions) is progressing well, with less than 20% that is not yet ready for review

Risks & Issues

Description of Risk/Issue State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Project timeline is very short. Delivery of all features for Aug 10 at risk. Open/Monitor All UPDATED: Decisions made around must-have functionality and other features were prioritized, significantly mitigating risk. Will continue to monitor outstanding work until merge, but should be no major blockers at this point. Aug 10

Accomplished for the Last Period

  • Landed majority of must-have requirements
  • Decisions reached with Product Management around scope and mitigation of risk

Planned for Last Period but Not Accomplished

  • N/A

Planned for the Upcoming Period

  • Resolve final must-have deliverable
  • Continue to work toward delivering as much of the 'nice-to have' work as possible prior to merge on Aug 10

Status Details

Summary of Engineering Work

Important Links/References