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Project Kidfox or Kinderfox is an internal project name for family-friendly browsing on Firefox for Android when users create a restricted profile on tablets.


For Phase 1, to create a kid-restricted version of Firefox for Android (tablet only) in order to:

  • Make browsing the web more accessible for kids using a less complicated tool; and
  • Provide a tool for parents that gives a better sense of control with what their kids can and cannot see and do on the web.

Creative Brief



  • Focus on age group 9 - 12.
    • This allows us to focus on a slimmed-down experience based on the current Firefox browser instead of re-designing for a much younger audience
  • Markets of particular interest: Japan, Germany, and North America.
  • Creating Restricted Profile in Android (tablet): the owner MUST also create a pin/password/lock for the Owner Profile, therefore to 'exit' Kinderfox, the user must exit that restricted profile at an Android level
  • No separate APK (ie this isn't a standalone browser) is wanted, but rather this 'version' is included in the regular Firefox APK

Phase 1 (Targeting Firefox 42 merge date 8/10 for Aurora)

  • Simple implementation triggered by the use of a Restricted Profile
    • If Restricted Profile on the device is off, we just show to regular Firefox.
    • If Restricted Profile on the device is enabled, we present a modified version of Firefox.
  • Splash screen required (and reference to Sync CTA removed) to inform users that Kinderfox is enabled

Phase 1 Bug List

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Phase 2 (TBD)

Plug in country-specific filter

URL Filtering: An add-on that intercepts every page load and queries a specified filter service for approval or a redirect URL, provided by country/partner.

Phase 3 (TBD)

Kinderfox Entry & Exit

  • Assume parents control the tablet, enable KinderFox mode for kids (Firefox → Setting → Kinderfox)
  • If the tablet is already in Restricted Profile, enable KinderFox automatically?
  • Do we prevent kids from jumping out of the Firefox app or jumping out of the Android Restricted Profile?

User Stories

Parental controls

Parents would want to have restrictions for websites that kids are able to visit when using the device.
Kids can only surf to a set of websites known to be child-friendly, or from a whitelist added by the parents.
Parents would want to be able to use a net-filtering service that they trust.
Some countries and/or partners will have their preferred U18 filter database that we will want to use.
Parents can also add new things to the filter, as well as whitelist things that the net-filtering service may be blocking.
Parents would not want their kid to be able to switch apps away from the kid-friendly browser.
Kids cannot switch to another app or game.
If this is possible - we need to preserve the ability to always be able to dial an emergency number.
Parents would want to set a password or code to close the kid-friendly browser.
Kids cannot do it themselves (either intentionally or accidentally).
Parents would want WebRTC to be disabled in the kid-friendly configuration of Firefox.
Kids cannot get into communications that parents don't know about & cannot monitor.
Possibly modify this so that contacts are vetted for the kid's profile and no unsolicited calls / chats are allowed.
Parents would want to ensure their global browser settings are protected and only essential.
Kid-friendly settings that affect my child's profile are surfaced.


Parents would want to be able to have multiple profiles supported by the kid-friendly browser.
Each kid can have their own set of bookmarks, apps, icons and such.
Parents would want it to be easy to switch which profile of the kid-friendly browser is being run.
So it's not difficult to switch it from one child's configuration to another.
Parents would want to customize each child's profile easily.
Parents can change and add things for them as needed.
Parents would want to ensure their global browser settings are protected and only essential.
Kid-friendly settings that affect my child's profile are surfaced.


Parents would want a kid-friendly and fully customizable home screen for the browser.
Parents can pin a specific set of websites to it that will not change.
Parents would want to set big, colourful images/icons for each pinned website on the about:home screen.
Kids can easily recognize which site she/he wants and easier for them to tap the correct icons.

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