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Status Report for Fennec - Kinderfox - for the period from 06/08/2015 to 19/08/15

Overall Project Health

This Week Last Week



Exec Summary/Hot Topics

  • Nearly 100% of feature development work completed. Outstanding items as follows:
    • Light weight theme: Theme is available. Just code to install pending.
    • Additional UI Tests for Restricted Profiles: Basic sanity check test available, but any further automated testing blocked on autophone migration per 1184094

Actions, Risks & Issues

Description of Risk/Issue State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Project timeline is very short. Delivery of all features for Aug 10 at risk. CLOSED All All major feature development completed per the clarified scope definition Aug 10 - Completed
Additional Automated UI Tests for Restricted Profiles Open Mobile Eng Blocked on autophone migration TBD
Installation of Kinderfox Lightweight Theme Open skaspari Just the installation of the theme. Theme itself is complete/available next merge

Accomplished for the Last Period

  • Completed required feature development

Planned for Last Period but Not Accomplished

  • N/A

Planned for the Upcoming Period

  • Lightweight Theme Installation

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