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Previous Action Items

Status reports


  • nexus-5-03 showed signs of failure, ewasted and replaced with spare nexus-5-06.
  • Got mda running on my samsung gs3 via taskcluster-worker running in a Docker image
  • Submitted Dockerfile for testing by Bitbar. Hope to have test run from them this week.

Dev team

Product Integrity

  • Easy taskcluster configuration of geckoview_example: bug 1434411, bug 1435031
  • Running fewer tests against non-gradle builds: bug 1435079
  • Android mochitests now run-by-manifest: bug 1393326
  • Host-utils updated, again: bug 1436183
  • Check for installed app correctly with --app: bug 1434423
  • Verified that x86 emulator with kvm acceleration works on type 0 bare metal instances; experiments on-going

Round Table

Action Items