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We use automated testing of our mobile browser to ensure that new releases get better, not worse. As with Firefox for Desktop, we are concerned both with testing the correctness of the browser (no crashes, pages should render correctly) and performance (new releases should be faster than old ones).

Note that the scope of this page is restricted to Firefox for Android (Fennec).


  • Architectural Overview of our mobile automated testing systems.
  • For information on running the same tests we run in automation on your desktop, see the testing for Android wiki page.

Status Meetings

Interested parties meet every other week to discuss the current status of testing on Mobile and coordinate the required work between teams. Details

  • Every other Wednesday @ 10:15am PST/PDT
  • Vidyo in Mobile (x9998, or 99998# from phone)
  • #mobile for back channel



Create a new weekly agenda from the template:

<createbox> align=left type=create preload=Template:MobileTesting default=06_20_18 prefix=Mobile/Testing/ </createbox>

  1. 06/20/18
  2. 06/06/18
  3. 05/23/18
  4. 05/09/18
  5. 04/25/18
  6. 04/11/18
  7. 03/28/18
  8. 03/14/18
  9. 02/28/18
  10. 02/14/18
  11. 01/31/18
  12. 01/17/18


  1. Archive of notes from 2011 - 2017