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Previous Action Items

Status reports


  • Autophone continues to run without too many disconnections. Low load and newer kernels make Autophone happy?
  • Bitbar discussion with team ongoing. Expect to send note later today with all of the generated questions.

Dev team

Product Integrity

  • [gbrown] bug 1291387 landed -- what are our next steps for geckoview testing?
  • started working on bug 1440714 mozdevice overhaul / devicemanager retirement

Round Table

[gbrown] Things on my mind:

  • geckoview vs firefox mochitests/reftests
  • kvm-accelerated x86 emulator
  • bitbar
  • jit-tests and jsreftests (and others?) on aarch64 hardware
  • web-platform-tests
  • gtest?

What will all this look like when we are done?


  • changing how adb*.py handles root?
  • changing assumption about number of connected devices?

Action Items