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Previous Action Items

Status reports


  • Geoff is awesome!
  • Issues with Docker image generation at Bitbar.

Dev team

Product Integrity

  • bug 1440714 all tests except Marionette now using
  • Tom Ritter checked in with me about possible Android Tor testing on emulator
  • Chris Peterson asked about x86 emulators; mentioned we might want to test geckoview via Klar instead of geckoview_example
    • snorp clarified: might run performance tests in Klar (bitbar, not emulators)

Round Table

  • meeting notes
  • bitbar: contract is moving along (4/5 signatures so far)
    • 30 devices to start: 25 pixel2, 5 motorola g5
    • 20 additional devices a couple months later, pixel2/g5 distribution TBD

Action Items