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Previous Action Items

Status reports


  • Autophone.legacy still putting along.
  • Next stage
    • Review bc's patches
    • android-emu vs. android-em ?
      • gbrown likes android-emu
    • Once lands, merge android_{emulator,hardware}_unittests?
      • gbrown likes that idea
    • mozharness versions of Autophone.legacy's S1S2 and Talos tests?
      • probably tier 2 / lower priority

Dev team

Product Integrity

Round Table

  • is there a webgl benchmark that we want to run on bitbar?
  • how can we measure input latency?

Action Items

  • davidb- consider glterrain or glvideo as a useful benchmark for webgl on GeckoView- or propose other benchmarks.
  • all - get stakeholders (UX, Stuart, etc.) to determine which input latency items we should measure; figure out how to measure them