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MozCamp Format Reminder

MozCamp Asia 2012 will be an interactive 2-day camp featuring tracks, workshops, sprints, and hacking opportunities with clear deliverables that further Mozilla's 2012 objectives.

For a list of our MozCamp goals, please see here

With this new format, we ask that at least 40% of each presentation be an interactive activity which results in an outcome or deliverable which furthers these goals. This activity can take many forms. Examples include:

  • Tutorial on how to contribute to B2G
  • Workshop on how to recruit HTML5 developers
  • Apps Brainstorm + Creation Sprint

Ways to Participate in MozCamp

There are two key ways in which an individual can participate in MozCamp. Please click on the links below for next steps, participation templates, and directions on where to submit your session and participation proposals.

1. Host or co-host a Session

2. (If not interested in proposing a session) Set a personal Mission that describes your objectives for attending MozCamp

Indicate which Sessions you'd like to attend

Please let us know which talk you are interested in attending by including your name on the talk's wiki page under the category, 'Place your name here if you would like to attend this talk'. Please indicate which talks you would like to attend by October 18th