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MozCamp Goals

Firefox Desktop

  • Create community-based plans to increase usage in Asia, with particular focus on India, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines and plan to retain usage in Japan.
  • Tiger Team project updates from participating countries and execution support (where needed)

Firefox Mobile

  • Enable the community to be drivers of the GA plans for Firefox for Android by educating on current GTM activities and having them create community-based action plans to augment usage in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.
  • Host "rating sprint" to increase ratings for Firefox for Android. At least 20 additional strong- reviews (4 stars or more) on the Google Play Store.

B2G (Firefox OS)

Go to Market

  • Share out current brand work + host participation-driven workshop


  • Conduct Boot2Gecko contribution how-to workshop
  • Over 20 people taking the Apps Challenge*
  • Execution of Phone Ambassador Program - at least 20 phone ambassadors who share out and educate attendees on a B2G build

Grow Mozilla

  • Evangelism and Communication Reps training
  • Collect contributor spotlights to leverage for anniversary and contributor recruitment campaigns. Conduct at least 10 'Capturing Mozillians Knowledge' and User Research Interviews.
  • Share and gather feedback on how to leverage the new on-boarding system
  • Workshops on how to make contributing to functional and regional areas more effective (eg, Contributing to Mozilla websites and Creating local Mozilla sites sessions)
  • Conduct a Community Manager Meet-Up before or after event to share best practices and create community building strategy moving forward
  • Workshop on how to host successful Webmaker events: Enable other communities with the tools they need to be successful in spreading the Foundation's Webmaker effort. Recruit at least 5 individuals to the Webmaker ReMo SIG.

Apps Challenge: A program to support our 2012 Apps-creation goals by having people sign-up at MozCamp to commit to creating an app by the end of the year.


Before proposing a session for MozCamp Asia, please reflect on the session priorities as outlined in the tracks below and reflect on how your session will reflect and further these priorities

1. Apps & Boot-to-Gecko (Firefox OS)

Sessions in this track will focus on building HTML 5 apps for the marketplace, developer-related contribution around contributing code to Firefox OS, as well as the testing and localization of these products.

Track Leads: Grace Jimenez and Gary Chen

2. Firefox Mobile + Desktop

Sessions in this track will focus on engaging contributors on our Firefox for Android and Firefox OS go-to-market efforts, reinforcing the importance of desktop by introducing upcoming features, and strategizing on planning for how we can increase downloads and usage of Firefox for Android and our desktop product in key markets.

Track Leads: Lukas Blakk and Lucas Rocha

3. Grow Mozilla

Sessions in this track will focus on training sessions aimed at developing community building and goal-setting skills as well as leveraging established community presence to contribute to efforts surrounding our 15th anniversary.

Track Leads: Rachel Zhang and Vineel Reddy

Content Priorities

Please see Here for a list of sessions which have been identified as key to the success of MozCamp.

Please take some time to review these proposals and reflect on whether you would be an effective facilitator of one of these sessions. You may absolutely propose a talk which is not listed. However, please be sure to align your proposals with the larger MozCamp goals + tracks (as noted above).

Session and Paid-Staff Participation Proposals

The deadline for sessions and paid-staff participation proposals has now passed.

Presenter Resources

If chosen as a presenter, please review this Format (and follow the steps outlined) in order to make your session at MozCamp as active and dynamic as possible!


You can find the tentative MozCamp schedule here.