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Sessions we'd like to see at MozCamp

Please note - you may absolutely propose a talk which is not one of the following listed. However, please be sure to align your proposals with the larger MozCamp goals + tracks

1. Boot-to-Gecko (Firefox OS) + Apps

  • Update on the B2G identity development process, and focus brand-related workshops on the evolution of the Mozilla brand
  • B2G contribution how-to workshop (tutorial) + hacking workshop (with the goal of submitting patches by the end of the weekend)
  • Update on B2G development process
  • Apps creation sprint and how-to workshop
  • Alpha Marketplace + Testing
  • B2G build testing
  • Training on how to host an App's Hack Day and Doc Sprint
  • Introduction to and training on tools and strategies that simplify app creation

2. Mobile + Desktop

  • Brainstorming workshops (and updates from the Tiger Team) on how to increase desktop usage in Asia, with particular focus on key markets (eg. India, Indonesia, Philippines, China, and Japan)
  • Update on new features in Desktop and how-to-contribute in these new areas
  • Create plans to augment Firefox for Android usage in key markets (eg. Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan).
  • Host "rating sprint" to ensure participants have rated Firefox for Android
  • Add-ons for Mobile Development Session
  • Firefox Flicks - Campaign Planning for 2013 and a recap of the current Flicks efforts. Also, a call-out to attendees on ways to promote the next efforts in their regions.

3. Grow Mozilla

  • Evangelism and Communication Reps training
  • Collect 15 years of Mozilla testimonials to leverage for anniversary and contributor recruitment campaigns. Conduct at least 10 'Capturing Mozillians Knowledge' and User Research Interviews.
  • Present and secure volunteer buy-in and participation in the new on-boarding process