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How Volunteers are Chosen to Attend MozCamp

Mozilla volunteers are extended an invitation to MozCamp Asia based on the following criteria:

  • level and relevance of contribution to Mozilla in the past months
  • Their role at MozCamp (eg. speaker, member of logistics/planning committee etc...)
  • Outstanding Mozilla Reps
  • Proximity to Singapore
  • Vouching from community lead(s) + Stewards
  • Nominations from the Planning Committee
  • Coordination with the MozCamp content priorities

MozCamp Volunteer Sponsorship Policy

There are three levels of sponsorship for MozCamp Asia:

1.Travel and accommodation for all invited core Mozillians (who live more than 1 hour away from the venue) will be provided by Mozilla.

2. Ground transportation will be provided for core Mozillians who live within 1 hour of the venue (Unfortunately, we will not be able to sponsor lodging for those who live within 1 hour of the MozCamp venue in Singapore)

3. No sponsorship will be provided for those empolyed by another company working on the Mozilla project (Telefonica, etc)

Volunteer Travel Sponsorship: Important Information

  • Our vendor, e27, has set up a travel limits based on reasonable costs of travel from each country. The cost of your ticket must be within this limit.
  • If you would like to choose another ticket based on personal reasons (or want to arrive before Friday, November 16th, and depart after Monday, November 19th) you will be responsible for any cost difference between the two tickets.
  • Once you have approved your ticket to be booked, you may not change your flight.
  • When contacted by our travel agency to book your ticket, you must respond within 48 hours or face a change in flight if the cost of your flight increases while they are waiting for your response.
  • If you require travel insurance to secure your VISA, you will be financially responsible for this cost (unless you are unable)

For more information on travel sponsorships, please contact e27 at:

Volunteer Lodging Sponsorship: Important Information

  • Your hotel room will be sponsored on Friday (November 16th), Saturday (November 17th), and Sunday night (November 18th). If you choose to come early or leave late (due to personal reasons), you will be responsible for the cost of and making the reservations for the additional nights.
  • Unless medically necessary, you will only be sponsored to stay in a double room. If you would like to stay in a single room and not share, we can block a room for you but you need to pay for it yourself when checking out. You can also choose to stay in another hotel (but we won't arrange that for you).

Volunteer Meal Sponsorship: Important Information

While at MozCamp, all of your meals will be covered with the exception of dinner on Sunday night.