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General Challenges

Here are some "challenges" to take part in:

SF Bay Area

August 24th

Envision Schools

  • Format/Topic: Social Media seminar
  • Owner: Mary
  • Time: 4 p.m.
  • Volunteers:
    1. Tara
    2. Mary
    3. Jeff Zeller

September 14th (In-house) and 18th (At Benetech)


Accessible Books and Periodicals for Readers with Print Disabilities

  • Format/Topic:
    • Virtual:
      • Looking for volunteers skilled in XUL, JS, XPCOM, and/or C++ to enhance AnyDaisy.
      • Transcribing children's books.
      • Proofreading
      • Writing summaries
    • In-Person
      • Proof read scanned books & summarize children books.
  • Owner: Aravind
  • Time:
    • 9/14 at 12PM after All-Hands (at Mozilla)
      • Overview presentation and possible volunteer opportunity
      • Opportunities on Monday:
        • Review writing
        • Typing up children's books
        • Getting started on beginner level proofs of Children's books
          (we'll bring a set of about two dozen books that are "easy-starts" to the event for people to work on)
    • 9/18 at 3:00PM (at Benetech)
      • Get a demo of the chopping/scanning process at Bookshare
        An opportunity to interact with one of our visually disabled staff persons who will demo how many of our members use Bookshare
      • Be given a group tutorial on how to proofread books
      • Each person would be given a "starter" book to begin proofing.
  • Volunteers:
    • 9/14 at 12PM (at Mozilla)
        1. Aravind
        2. Mary
        3. Jane
        4. Pascal
      • 9/18 at 3PM (at Benetech)
        1. Aravind
        2. Mary

September 16th

Hidden Villa

  • Format/Topic:
    • Setting up a "Service War room"
    • Social Media tutoring
    • Migrate website to WP
    • Optimize wireless network
    • Farming on the CSA during breaktime!
  • Owner: Mary
  • Time: 9:30 - 12:30
  • Volunteers
    1. Mary Colvig
    2. Sarah Doherty
    3. Ryan Doherty
    4. David Boswell
    5. Tim Riley

National Kidney Foundation

Read more detailed notes here

The National Kidney Foundation, a major voluntary nonprofit health organization, is dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.


  • Social Networking education - facebook and twitter.
  • Owner: Aakash
  • Time: 4-6PM
  • Volunteers:
    1. Mary


Read more detailed notes here.

BayKids empowers children facing medical challenges to express themselves and find joy through the art of filmmaking.


  1. Create search index/system for BayKids movies
  2. Create search index/system for music
  3. Video Editing projects- edit BayKids movies and related projects

September 17th

Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks is the leading nonprofit presenter of Spoken Word performance, education, and youth development programs in the country.

  • Format/Topic:
    • Technical
      • Would like a web based file server (most people use macs only 2 use PC's at the office)
      • Something "virtual" that does not have to be additional hardware at their office
      • Already use Google Docs but are looking for something for all files
    • Non-Technical
      • Since moving to a new facility they need help organizing their library of books,, sorting and pull everything together
    • Owner: Phong
  • Time: 2PM
  • Volunteers (4 people)
    1. Phong

Additional SF Bay Opportunities

Here are a slew of activities in SF:


Organization: 826 Valencia
Support students ages 6-18 with writing skills.

  • Format/Topic: User Experience and Web Development
  • Owner: Atul
  • Time:
  • Volunteers:
    1. Atul
    2. Jennifer Boriss


September 14th

The Mozillan is 'In' - Internet Help Desk at the Parkdale Library

Parkdale Libary

  • Format/Topic: Question desk, general computer/internet help for users at the library
  • Owner: Lukas Blakk
  • Time: Monday September 14th from 2-6pm
  1. Volunteers:
    1. Lukas
    2. Chelsea
    3. Anthony Hughes
    4. Armen Zambrano

September 16th

Creative Commons Licensing Clinic

September 22nd


A number of Toronto One Web Day activities are in the works, with an evening event at Cafe Taste on Queen Street West the core. It'll include:

  • Cocktails and conversation about make the web better. Also, some great music.
  • Videotaping, picture taking, drawing: document your passion for the web.
  • Screening of Us Now, a film about how participatory web culture is changing society.
  • Drop off for old computers for Little Geeks and others to bring the web to people who need it.

Also, many small, self organized Toronto One Web Days will happen at homes, cafes, offices, bars and whatnot all around the city.

Learn more here


Lots of Seattle opportunities on Idealists site...

826 Seattle aka The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company

  • Format/Topic:
    • Developing a Workshop
    • Assistance with crafting volunteer opportunities
  • Owner: Austin
  • Time: Throughout Sept 14-21
  • Volunteers:
  • #Austin
  • "Where the Wild Things Could Be" - I'm developing a workshop to teach a little bit of HTML to 11-14 year olds. It's a 2 hour workshop where the kids create a choose your own adventures style branching narrative. Then in the last part we'll publish it on the web. 826 usually publishes it's workshops into spiral bound books. The workshop will be taught on Nov 7th.
  • I've spent 1 hour interviewing and then writing up 2 volunteer opportunities for them.
    • In Seattle? Want to setup an office network?
    • Donate an airport extreme base station