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Note: Roles need to be evaluated for the 2017 edition

MozFest volunteers do a huge number of different tasks in the lead up to the festival and "game time" itself. To help potential volunteers indicate their interests and skills we have created "roles". The definition of these roles has evolved and been honed over the last few years and below is the current options.

Role Description
Info Guru Look after the Info Desks spread across the venue. Founts of all knowledge and know what is going on, where, and when but with in-depth knowledge about the goings-on on their floor. First point of contact for attendees looking for information and support for a specific thread or floor theme - the Info Gurus will assist and help the dedicated Space Wranglers with the facilitation of the running of the floor and practical help for any and all needs. Main interface between the Wranglers and the Festival organisers.
Mascot Team Walking photo opportunity. "Team" as the person in the fox suit needs a buddy or two to help them get suited and unsuited as well as assistance in getting around the venue safely.
Catering Team Setting up and running Grab booths for takeaway lunches for those facilitators and Space Wranglers unable to use the main dining area on Sat & Sun. Setting out desserts in the afternoon.
Audiovisual Tech Helping with Audiovisual equipment set up on the Friday, setting up science fair, helping with the scheduling live feed in rooms, setting up laptops and A/V on each floor, assisting at the tech help desk, set up the closing demo on Sunday night.
Welcome Desk Greeting people as they arrive and assisting with check-in - setting up the Welcome Desk, working in pairs registering people and handing out lanyards and swag bags. Answering questions about the festival and with a big friendly face as the first point of contact for the festival.
Guinan Looking after the volunteer's room, "Ten Forward" - keeping it tidy and stocked with snacks and beverages. Friendly face for new volunteers.
Press Corps Helping with press launch before event and running Press Room during. Also curating social media stream via @MozillaFestival.

It should be noted that it is very rare for anyone to just do one role for the period of the festival - when stuff needs doing it is usual for everyone to muck-in: when there are bottles of water that need shifting, we are ALL part of the Water Bottle Logistics team :)