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Mozilla Festival

How to get involved

Registering to attend

MozFest Weekend What to expect

Weekend schedule

MozFest opens on the Friday evening with a Science Fair. Saturday morning starts with Keynotes on the 4th floor followed by sessions, workshops and fireside chats until 6pm. Sunday morning opens with opening circle followed by sessions until 6pm when we close the festival with a Closing Demo party.

Role description

Volunteer beverages and food

All volunteers are provided lunch while working at the event. If you work late over the weekend we will cover dinner too. There is awesome coffee on site and snacks available to keep the energy levels up for all those stairs. We will have a party on the Saturday night with food and drink catered for and karaoke!! All food intolerances will be covered. Those volunteering late in the venue setting up on the Friday night and the Sunday night will receive dinner and snacks.

Code of Conduct

  • 101 A personal view from a 2014 newbie.


How many hours will I be asked to do as a volunteer?

  • You need to volunteer for a minimum of four hours over the weekend, then you can go explore the festival. If you can help out for more time then that would be really appreciated.

Can volunteers attend sessions?

  • If you are finished your volunteer shift you are welcome to attend as many sessions as you like. If there is a particular session taking place during your shift please talk to your team leader who will help provide you cover on your station.

Will my travel to the festival be covered?

  • Unfortunately MozFest is unable to cover travel or accommodation to the festival over the weekend.

Do I have to wear the Volunteer t-shirt?

  • If you are "on duty" then yes, the t-shirt is your "ask me questions, I know everything" banner.

Are there age restrictions on volunteers?

  • As a rule, volunteers less than 16-years of age (at the time of volunteering) will need to be accompanied (at all times) by one or more parent or legal guardian - we would not normally accept anyone less than 8-years of age. There is no upper age limit. There may be limits on when people under 16 can be on site - please talk to coordinating team for clarification.