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We are planning on having a design lunch at 12 on March 12 at the Mountain View office to discuss redesigning and to discuss the first round of concepts. This will be recorded and video will be available online.


Join us on Thursday, March 12, at 12 pacific for a design lunch to discuss the first round of redesign concepts. In person, we'll be meeting downstairs in Building K. Online, we'll be at

Some Context

The site has gone through a few different roles since it went live in 1998. It has been:

  • A site for developers
  • A site for users
  • A site for community

Today, the new vision of the site is to act as a community portal and to be a place to host official project content.

To meet this new role, the site needs an overhaul. For about the last year a community run planning group has been working on several areas of the site including:

  • Updating/Archiving/Migrating content
  • Reorganizing site structure
  • Selecting new content owners
  • Modernizing back-end (templates, CMS, repository...)

A new design is a big part of this process and we are working with Happy Cog to create a new site template and new home page. When the new design is in place the site will still basically be 20th century brochureware though. More will still need to be done to make the site a place where the community can come together to discover, talk, work and share. We'll need your help to make this happen.

Design Challenges

  • To bring the personality of the Mozilla community to the site's design
  • To create a usable and attractive entry point for the whole community that covers a wide range of users and dozens and dozens of community sites
  • To design a layout that will be usable on both desktops and mobile devices

Initial Concepts

Full designs posted here

Concept1.png Concept 1

Concept2.png Concept 2

Concept3.png Concept 3


  • How well do these concepts address the design challenges?
  • ...

More design relationed questions are available on Happy Cog's questionnaire.

Getting Involved

In addition to the redesign there are many different ways to get involved with the site including:

  • Telling the Mozilla story
  • Localizing content
  • Mapping the different community sites and resources
  • And more...

To get started we suggest either coming to the next planning meeting or posting to the list.