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This pages lists the set of tweaks we want to make to the new version of the site. Please feel free to add any issues you think need to be fixed or open a bug and help us fix things.

Launch Date

We are planning on going live on Tuesday, August 25 (bug 510267)

Staging Information

The staging site is at:

The staging code is at:

If you'd like to help by editing the HTML or CSS and don't have SVN access, you can either create patches that someone else can check in or you can start the process to get commit access.

Pre-Launch Tweaks

We'd like to make these tweaks before making the new site live.

Post-Launch Tweaks

We can wait until after the new site goes live before fixing these issues.

All Pages

  • Set up smaller group with access to home page and templates and more? (bug 521717)
  • Remove duplicate css and style in top-level of repository (instead of a symlink why don't we just use the css directory instead of using the newly created style dir?) (bug 519251)
  • Brand search results with site design (bug 519362)
  • Underline some or all links (could be worth testing this to see if it makes a difference) (bug 521701)
  • Look into better way to collapse left and right margins (bug 521702)
  • Sync styles of pages with and without left hand nav (for example, gray line at top of content area is applied inconsistently (see Community and Projects) (bug 521703)
  • Tighten header by a few pixels (we should see how things look if we tighten up the header a bit -- even a few pixels will help address people's concern with the header size) and other tweaks to polish (header not quite like design, for example is font bold in design but not bold in code?) (see bug 512715)
  • Add language picker (can wait since the only localized content on the site, the Manifesto and Mozilla Brochure, link to available localizations in the body of the page). Also copy or move language selector above the fold into space on sub-page templates where the Edit this page link is? (bug 521704)
  • Have 'Edit This Page' link bring up Bespin instead of pointing to [Edit This Page SVN docs] or perhaps we want an interstitial page that talks about the two editing options and then links to the docs or Bespin (or Bespin can come up and that can link to the SVN docs) (bug 487108)
  • Implement a localization architecture (bug 507577)
  • Add last modified date to footer where the current 'Page History' link is. (bug 521706)
  • Close site bugs referring to old site designs and styling (bug 521707)
  • Make dino head in footer a link to home page (bug 521708)

Home Page

  • "We're building" rotating with "We believe" -- (bug 501963)
  • Clean up any left over issues with Community ticker scrolling and functionality (bug 521711)
  • Turn twitter back on in Community Ticker (with obscenity filtering or filtering by community member instead of pulling in anything with certain keywords?) (bug 521712)
  • Project slider (bug 521713)
    • Rotate order of projects on home page?
    • Have project arrows on home page wrap around, so if you get to the end you can keep going instead of having to go back?
      • NOTE: Seems to me that these two issues should lead to a re-think of the project slider - what are the goals? Is equality important? The UI can follow from that -- StevenGarrity 13:25, 26 August 2009 (UTC)
  • For Latest News From Mozilla for about:mozilla items maybe we just need the titles and then a link to read more? Right now the beginning of the body text just duplicates the title text. (bug 521715)
  • Rearrange things so that "We believe" doesn't split into two lines in narrower screens (bug 521716)


  • Make sure pages that are automatically updated work in SVN repository
  • Left menu shadow borders not long enough on pages with long menus (note: this may be by design, so we don't necessarily change it although we certainly can) (bug 521723)
  • Header is missing some elements from the design -- Last modified date and Edit this page link. (bug 521724)
  • Hook up Manifesto principle rotation in template footer? (bug 521725)
  • Key point style has two different shades of grey (at least for David on his Mac -- not everyone is seeing this) (Bug 515427):
    • the top and bottom graphics are: #E1E1E1
    • the background color is: #E7E7E7
  • Separate out sidebar styles from main body key-point styles (use style from happy cog sub-page mockup or something else?) (bug 521727)
  • Work on content-specific Getting Involved links in template (similar to content-specific IRC channels in MDC) (bug 521731)
  • The h2 on e.g. “Mozilla Roles and Leadership” and “Mozilla Organizations” have different bottom margin (or so it seems). (bug 521735)
  • Is there a global "languages" ID in the site stylesheet that I can no longer use? (bug 521737)
  • The “Support for Mozilla Software” is narrower than the other pages. (bug 521738)
  • The TOC boxes look much better now, but I think the padding is too big. There is padding on both the li tags and the a tags. I think it would look nicer, especially for “selected” li tags, if the whole li background was blue, i.e. the padding on the li tags were dropped and the padding on the a tags increased (if needed). Further, some TOC items strech over three rows, which seem a bit unnecessary. (bug 521742)

Resolved Issues

  • Make sure all CVS committers to the site have SVN access (a couple of people couldn't have their CVS accounts converted because of they didn't have LDAP accounts) (bug 509712)
  • Bring back pretty styling for unordered lists (note that this has been turned off due to overriding of numbers on ordered lists -- bug 515673)
  • Projects slider polish -- first few logos look bigger than last few logos now and slider doesn't fill all of the space (at least in Firefox 3.5) Polished!
  • Move over rewritten to stage (bug 512160) Reed fixed this.
  • Turn twitter off in Community Ticker to avoid obscenity
  • Home page, About main page, Community main page, Projects main page and Causes main page passed HTML validation
  • Check-in diff of all changes made to live site made while staging site has been up (bug 512159)
  • Community Ticker text has a bit too much margin above it Fixed in r50164.
  • Might need a bit more spacing between right side of latest news box and left side of community ticker Fixed in r50165.
  • Tweak blockquote styling? Had some margin on left and top before. See blockquote text on this page, for example Done in r50167.
  • Page title use is inconsistent: h1 is sometimes inside, sometimes outside of
    and sometimes missing (is being set in PHP instead of HTML). Seems to be difference between section main pages (such as Projects and other pages (such as Mozilla Technologies) Note that sidebar positioning changes and header changes positions vertical (compare Causes main page and another Cause page)</strike> - This has been cleaned up for any major pages.

Verified issues have been removed.

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