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Dan Mosedale <>

Survey Platforms

We need to fill in the Mozilla2:Device Sync:Platforms page with relevant info so that we have a better understanding of the problem that we're trying to solve. This page will need both high-level information about the various platforms we need to deal with as well as links to developer and API documentation, as the APIs that we need to interact with will be one of the big factors shaping our architecture and SDK.

Decide on Architecture

Key parts of this include figuring out how we will interact with Mozilla2:Profile Sharing and Mozilla2:Multi User Sharing, as well as details of any IPC that we want to support. We also need to decide how to structure the conduit SDK, including whether or not it's reasonable to require conduit authors to use XPCOM.

Propose straw-man interfaces

Based on the architecture, we should get some basic interfaces in the tree for conduits authors to use and for the SDK to implement.

Start implementation / Evolve interfaces

Once we've got a basic set of straw-man interfaces, we need to start implementing both the SDK side of the code and at least a couple of key conduits to verify that our interfaces are in fact usable.