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Mozilla Europe is planning an internship program for this summer in the similar way we did last year.

Our goal is to provide maximum comfort to selected students so they can work on specific Mozilla related projects during the summer break.

We're targeting all students who're interested in working on any kind of activity, research, extensions, themes, documentation, web development, QA or others.

The internship will take place in Paris, France during the flexible period between July 1st and August 31st in the Mozilla Europe HQ.

Students will work on their project being mentored by Mozilla Europe mentors - Pascal Chevrel and Zbigniew Braniecki.

Mozilla Europe will provide financial and organizational support with flights, accommodation and living in Paris for the entire internship.

We're looking for both students and ideas for the summer work.

Anyone interested in participating should contact Zbigniew Braniecki at with a short description on their proposed project.

If you have any ideas, please add them to the list below:


  • Improve Dictionary Switcher for Firefox 3 and Thunderbird 3.
  • Automatic extension localization in AMO
  • Localization tools
  • Sport themes and extensions (for example Barcelona theme)
  • punBB/phpBB customizations for local communities
  • Improve Bayesian
  • SUMO localization
  • Due to geographic situation we're using train much more so European users could benefit more from an extension that helps planning a trip around Europe using trains.
  • Build models of European Internet population changes basing on Eurostat data combined with data from Xiti, Gemius etc.
  • Customize punBB/phpBB for specific needs of Mozilla Local Communities
  • Soccer extension for Euro cup, World cup, Champions League etc.
  • Localized website to report l10n bugs, connected to Bugzilla, local mailing lists and/or other communication channels.
  • Physics-based animations for UIs.
  • ...

you can also get ideas from last year InternProjects or from Summer of Code ideas.