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The Phonebook offers a vouching and permissions service that helps determine the authorization levels a contributor has earned in the Mozilla Project. This feature is tapped into the tasks, events and other sub-community permissions they've earned via the Mozillian Passport service. The benefits include:

  • A Mozillian's community-wide authorization level shown on their profile
  • Their authorization level instantly offers greater privileges across the community in various sub-community tools and platforms
  • Sub-communities can lower the cost of re-creating their own permissions structure and simply use profiles to determine authorization levels.

Contributor Levels & Attributes

Starting with the community descriptions created by David Boswell, we'll augment the approach with correlating Community Tools and Sub-community authorization levels. Information from a survey of our functional communities was used to determine the attributes of leveling as well.


People who may use our products, support our mission or show an interest in Mozilla without having made a substantial contribution back to the community yet.

Source Attribute
Community Tools
  • No account or Non-Vouched Account (with or without skill(s) + interest(s)) Properties
  • no accounts created anywhere.


A new/casual contributor is a person who has volunteered small amounts of time in an activity that doesn't necessarily involve interactions with other community members. This can be someone who is just getting started in the community or has helped in the project before and come back.

Source Attribute
Community Tools
  • Non-vouched Mozillians account or vouched Mozillians account
  • Done a task
  • Gone to an event Properties
  • Accounts created on Verbatim, MDN, SUMO, AMO and/or Bugzilla


An active contributor is someone who has volunteered substantial time (multiple tasks and/or events to one or more communities) to the project within the last 12 months.

Source Attribute
Community Tools
  • Vouched Mozillians account
  • Done a task + gone to an event
  • Done multiple tasks
    • one community
    • multiple communities
  • Gone to multiple events
    • one community
    • multiple communities
  • Done multiple tasks + gone to multiple events Properties
  • Bugzilla - canconfirm privileges
  • HG - Try/User access


A core contributor is someone who has a leadership position in one or more Mozilla project areas or is considered an authority over a specific functional area, team or project.

Source Attribute
Community Tools
  • Vouched Mozillians account
  • Owns a group on mozillians
  • Created a task
  • Hosted an event
  • Created a task + hosted an event
  • Created multiple tasks
    • one community
    • multiple communities
  • Hosted multiple events
    • one community
    • multiple communities
  • Created mulitple tasks + hosted multiple events Properties
  • Bugzilla: editbugs privileges
  • MDN: admin
  • SUMO: Reviewers or higher
  • HG: Commit access
  • AMO: Editors or higher
  • L10n: HG commit access

Un-used Considerations

These are factors of contribution in our community that have not been taken into account formally. They may or may not be taken into account in the future depending on viability and usefulness.

  • Time spent in community
  • Amount of activity (now and in the past)
  • Automated process from active to core