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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

Please see Networking/TeamPriorities for team priorities.

General Priorities for All Team Members

These priorities apply to all team members at all times:

  1. Resolve security bugs rated sg:moderate or higher.
  2. Review requests older than one week.

These should be taken care of before any other work is done.

Individual Priorities

These priority lists should reflect the work that each individual is planning to do, in the order in which they plan to do it.

Only networking team members should be changing priorities. If you have questions about priorities or anything else on this list please email the relevant person or Josh Aas (networking team manager).

Michal Novotny

  1. bug 436414, OCSP client should be able to use HTTP GET as well as POST
  2. bug 558253, Proxy Auto Config (PAC) Extended functions for multi-resolution and ipv6

Jason Duell

Top Priorities:

  1. Bug 558623 - e10s HTTP: combine PHttpChannel constructor with SendAsyncOpen/SendRedirect1Begin. Jason will do this.
  2. [NEEDSBUG]: make JAR channels seekable. Jason will do this.
  3. Bug 746073 - Meter network usage per "web app". Jason will do this.


  1. 781392 mochi.tests hitting proxy error on B2G hardware
  2. 782542 Secure necko IPDL usage
  3. 794978 Always delete app's cookies even if the cookies have not been loaded yet
  4. 799212 - Cookies: add test for webapps-clear-data with browserOnly=true
  5. More reviews
  6. 711886 (write test for) Refuse connection if server replies with non-matching subprotocol
  7. 792238 - Convert IPC::SerializedLoadContext to use newer IPDL parameter style
  8. benchmark Websocket latency peformance vs Chrome
  9. Better error messages for HTTP CORRUPT error 688345.
  10. 698692 Make WebSocket.close() prevent any more events from firing
  11. 704447 Improve large blob support for WebSockets
  12. write Necko e10s documentation

Honza Bambas

  • new cache implementation (70-80% of all my time dedicated to it)
  • improve event tracer
  • 466524 allow ssl in xpcshell tests + * 766166 Have a service protocol to communicate with ssltunnel
  • 871323 Fix and enable offline cache mochitests for B2G
  • 627635 Make remote localStorage not block the UI main thread on disk IO
    • I'd like to push this one to someone else
  • 832540 Optimize child implementation of localStorage async database API
  • 842777 preload webappsstore.sqlite on first access to warm cache + use CHUNK_SIZE of 1meg
  • 834301 Implement memory reporter for DOM storage
  • 851310 The wrong local storage area is shown to chrome code when a session-only exception applies
  • 748620 When cookie expiration is set to ask every time, localStorage throws a security exception
  • 536509 localStorage does not obey "third-party cookies" pref
  • more DOM storage followups (report them)
  • 830391 Prevent null dereferences in nsDiskCacheDeviceSQL
  • 814330 crash in nsOfflineCacheDevice::ChooseApplicationCache
  • 423758 Firefox can't authenticate to IIS when minimum NTLM level set to v2

Nick Hurley

  1. Stone Ridge
  2. Bugs

Patrick McManus

Major items (mostly serial)

  1. TLS false start (q3 goal) 658222 713933
  2. pinterest derived work 813707 (tracker) 792438 (block on head scripts) 813712 (connect some blockers) and 813715 (throttle bw of high parallelism)
  3. HTTP2 prototype of SPDY with DNS SRV for IETF work
  4. OCSP stapling with cache anticipation
  5. OCSP GET w/local HTTP stack and cache for persistence (assuming sec ok)
  6. SPDY push
  7. SPDY/4 (dep: spec stable at this point)
  8. TLS Cached Info for eliminating cert chain spills (dep: sec-ok, and stable spec)
  9. Research on UDP based transports
  10. Prioritization scheduling of partial resources to reduce ready-to-use time

Smaller items (as time allows in no particular order)

  1. Telemetry for OCSP {Pass/Fail, Time}
  2. Telemetry for OCSP Cache Anticipation
  3. Telemetry for TLS Cipher Choice
  4. 804605 CNAME/NTLM regression of mine
  5. Fixes to priority levels of existing requests (ping, favicon, etc..)
  6. Read Handlers For SDPY need to be always engaged
  7. SPDY: standardization issues
  8. SPDY Test infrastructure

Steve Workman

  • Fix two security bugs assigned to me.
  • 497003 Bug 497003: support sending OnDataAvailable() to other threads
  • Help implement new disk cache