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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

An up to date page can be found at firefox-source-docs.

This page outlines the work that is currently done, and that needs to be done to achieve statisfactory Captive Portal Detection in Necko.

Assigned: Valentin Gosu



  • bug 1048131 Implement CaptivePortalService using nsICaptivePortalDetector
  • bug 562917 implement captive portal detection


  • bug 816866 for triggering captive portal detection in response to certificate errors.
  • bug 728658 for triggering the captive portal UI for the HTTP 511 response code.
  • bug 604975 about showing the captive portal login when the user starts (switches to) Firefox from the Windows captive portal system tray popup notification.
  • bug 555551 about how captive portals make session restore suck.
  • bug 989196 Do not show open Captive Portal automatically when OSX Captive Network Portal Assistant has been opened
  • bug 989197 Add SSL error page when captive portal is detected
  • bug 989195 Replace about:newtab and about:home with captive portal if detected
  • bug 989194 Add captive portal status bar to all tabs when detected
  • bug 989193 Open captive portal automatically in a new tab when detected
  • bug 989192 Create portal detection events on network topology changes and user login



  • Investigate captive portal API in windows
  • Test captivedetect.js on desktop
  • Figure out how to intercept HTTPS redirects
  • Have rough UI for testing purposes