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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

The goal for this feature is to provide an in-browser dashboard to monitor network activity, similar to Chrome's <about:net-internals>.


Install the following add-on:

Go to about:networking

Information to Display

Already implemented by Jiten:

  • HTTP(Hostname, Port, SPDY, SSL, Active, Idle)
  • WebSocket(Hostname, SSL, Msgs Sent, Msgs Received, Data sent, Data received)
  • Sockets(Host, Port, Tcp, Active, Idle)
  • DNS(Hostname, Family, Adress, Expires)
  • Timeline( Total Sent, Total Received


  • RTT
  • Cache status
  • Protocol version (1.0 vs 1.1, spdy/2 vs spdy/3 etc..)
  • half open connections
  • time left before idle expiration for http

Diagnostic Tools

We'd like to have some diagnostic tools built into the dashboard. In prioritized order:

  • Can we ping this host? (icmp, tcp, tls levels)
  • DNS Lookup
  • Failed URL test
  • Proxy Settings Test


  • Basic support for events
  • Event Listener for capturing events
  • Capture events to file
  • Add listeners only for certain events -> B2G monitoring

Progress and Ideas

  • Implement an event system that allows you to capture the events in the networking stack.
    • Should we use nsIObserver or implement a different model?
    • Networking components should fire events when needed (Data sent, Channel close, etc)
    • Events can be received by 0-many observers
    • Should be very lightweight (many events with minimal data, as well as rare events with lots of data)
      • Pushing events probably means we shouldn't use JSON for the format.
    • Should report AppID (for B2G)
  • Does the WebSocket API use the nsSocketTransportService so we can log it?