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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

The Bug List

HERE IS THE NECKO/E10S BUG LIST with assignees shown

Team status updates

  • Fred23 about to go on paternity leave.
  • Honza's finger still mending.

Bugs that need ownership and/or design help

PAC from profile broken. Blocking running mochitests. No owner, no design yet.

HTTP Auth prompts Still no one working on this. Everyone seems to agree we just need a frob that tells chrome which tab the channel is associated with. Can we get more specific?

Necko logic needed for Download manager. Brian Crowder can write the code, but needs help with design.

HTTP redirects. We may be able to get some work done on this in parallel with the async redirect API bugs.

Async API, part 2. Bjarne/Honza and occasionally bsmedberg currently debating API. Seems like bz/biesi's input would be useful.

Online/Offline events. Do we know how to move this along? Does fred23 have relevant fennec info, and time to work on this?

Other status updates


Reviews and other help needed