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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

The Bug List

Necko/e10s bugs with assignees shown

Here is the list with bug dependencies shown


Merged in m-c, including web sockets (which we need to disable for e10s)

Landed caching (fixes image cache)

What we need for merge to M-C

bz to finish review of huge patch (bug 571166)

jduell to finish making DROP_DEAD changes

Lots of orange on the e10s tinderbox tree.

Mochitests ready enough? Can't tell from bug 567417, which still looks very unfinished.

Ideally turn on more xpcshell tests on content process (bug 526335).

Features we really need for fennec Alpha

Redirects are a big deal to have broken. To move them along:

1) We need +sr from biesi on Async Redirects, part 1.

2) Bjarne needs to fix up patch for Part 2

Are we ok with landing these on the e10s tree before we get +sr if needed?

3) I need to provide feedback for honza's e10s redirects wip patch

review backup

I've got lots of reviews piled up. If anyone can grab some, please do.