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Work in Progress

This is a page to summarise discussions relating to improving performance via changes to DNS.

Note: Closely related to HTTP Prefetching.

Meta-bug improve DNS performance bug 580093

Listed as blocking bug 71668 - page loading performance issues

Contains the following Prefetching-related bugs

  • bug 40082 - Domain Guessing: should call resolver explicitly (and not trigger DNS search domains)
  • bug 481503 - do DNS prefetch for awesomebar matches
  • bug 580099 - Prefetch DNS for hosts needed during startup
  • bug 580104 - Keep hostname cache for more aggressive DNS prefetching
  • bug 580117 - Prefetch DNS for links that the mouse gets close to
Note: Prefetching has privacy considerations - see here

Other performance related


  • bug 580130 - implement about:histograms for necko?

Other DNS Performance bugs

  • bug 697830 Delayed DNS prefetch queue is disabled for e10s

Other DNS Related bugs that may affect performance (some listed for informative reasons only)

  • bug 507578 disable DNS prefetching when PAC or WPAD is used
  • bug 390304 DNS lookups not bypassed when using auto proxy config URL
  • bug 511839 DNS prefetch peppers DNS server with queries for the same FQDN
  • bug 622232 DNS prefetches continue after a tab is closed
  • bug 235853 [PAC] Defer proxy resolution for HTTP and HTTPS PAC to avoid blocking main thread during DNS resolution