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Logo 0002 68.png Pathways Roadmap 2014
Owner: Pathways Team Updated: 2014-08-27
Vision: The Pathways working group seeks to remove the barriers to contribution so that participation, however it is defined, is beautifully simple.


Pathways Areas and Drivers: A 2014 Roadmap

Contribution is our #1 metric

Through defined and innovative pathways we can reach our goal of 1,000,000 Mozillians in ten years and 10x by the end of this year.

Shared Goals across the Pathways Working Group:

  • Support each others' work: Subgroups work together to build together
  • Share out resources and work in the open: Check in regularly and share out resources that may relate to another subgroup's work. Work in the open utilizing our shared communication tools. Follow the group decisions on how to share through defined communications pathways
  • Treat each other (contributor and staff) with respect: The goal of pathways is to make every form of contribution meaningful. Practice what we preach. Be respectful of each others' time and be aware of varying levels of commitment.
  • Commit where you can: We are all superstars. If you cannot commit the time to a task, please do not take it on. Bite off only what you can chew.
  • Step up, step back: Step up to new challenges where you think you can be of assistance. Step back if you are doing or contributing too much. Follow consensus and facilitation best practices

What constitutes a contribution pathway?

    • Targeting interest: through get involved, a regional group, or a specific product
    • Maintaining interest: through systems that funnel from participant to contributor
    • Following through on interest: developing mentorship and new opportunities that challenge and motivate contributors and participants

Pathways Subgroups and Goals Q3-Q4

High Level Goals:

  1. Build alignment in the organization around a community contribution stages model.
  2. Build pathways best practices, resources, templates and tools that are both useful and beautiful, so that we make pathway building scalable and any mozillian can build a pathway.
  3. Support brand new contributors and the projects they join by building a community of mentors and a system to support them.

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