Performance/Infra Status Meetings/2007-December-19

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  • AI's
  • Infrastructure items
  • Q4 Goals

Action Items

  • AI: Alice
    • Vista, Linux to go on tree today
  • AI: Justin
    • Ping stan for help from apple on speedstep under os x
  • AI: Vlad
  • AI: Robcee
    • Talos on try server status?


  • Moz2 mini farm implementation
    • Machines are up, running and handed over.
    • Setup status from Alice?
    • Going to work on this in the next few weeks
  • bhearsum is going to be working primarily in Build for the next 1-2 months.
    • Will still be supporting the existing Talos machines
    • Working on Try server Talos, Vista slaves, baselines is on the back burner for now.
    • Should be back soon...
  • Discussion over Talos/Tbox stability
    • Xp, Vista, Linux on the tree
    • mac very slow cycle time - related to speedstep
  • Talos on the try server bug 398192
    • The Buildbot side is moving quickly, I've already run a couple of test slaves.
    • Managing/interpreting the data will take longer to figure out.
    • robcee has machines and passwords, pushed off for production perf stuff
    • Need updated status from Robcee
  • js test integration into talos
    • crashing the browser
    • alice's item - delayed due to Talos work, pick up next Q
  • Things to add to the list:
    • DOM performance
    • Run TS tests with another (dirty) profile
    • Adding new tests to talos
    • Free page set/Redo page set
  • Goals for q4
    • Agreed goals:
      • stable production talos for branch trunk (4 platforms) on tree - DONE
      • perf enabled try server - Robcee
      • stand alone talos box - DONE
      • baselines for historical numbers - Punting
      • graph server improvements (perhaps seneca) - on Vlad to do this Q.
      • Bring up new tinderboxen to run leak and mochi tests on debug builds - DONE