Performance/Infra Status Meetings/2008-April-09

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  • NOTE: We are thinking of stopping this weekly meeting. In the last 4-6 weeks, it has settled down to the same few people giving status on their bugs. If you think this meeting should continue, please do attend and let us know what else you'd like covered in this meeting.
  • AI's
  • Infrastructure items
  • Q1 Goals

Action Items

  • AI: Alice
  • AI:robcee
  • AI: Mikael
    • doing vista PGO unittest machine setup bug 420073
    • working with alice to bring up more machines
  • AI: vlad
    • still on track for fixes/enhancements, working with mark and webdev
  • AI:joduinn
    • closing off tinderbox bug 413695. Trunk today, 1.8 next week.
    • moz2 builds for linux & win32
    • finalizing moz2 buildbot master configs bug 377929
    • moz2 builds: waiting on mac hardware for mac builds bug 391251. Hardware arrived, decided on 10.5


  • time for next week?
    • consolidating with TDAI meeting?
  • Cancelling this weekly meeting?
  • Graph server fixes
    • Using a #type=series to switch into the series graph mode (old "dgraph") is a bit fragile, since hitting reload won't actually reload the page. Need a better way to choose, I may also just make the graph icon in the upper left be a dropdown
    • Need to put back ability to link to graph
    • Need to put back Bonsai / CSV / etc.
    • Need to put back autoscale checkbox
    • Can't resize graphs; in particular the horizontal scrolling kind of sucks, I have an idea of how to fix that.
    • Need to let you specify the date range for series graphs; that is, right now it only lets you pick data from the last 30 days, need a "more" button to load more.
  • Who works on Graph server?
    • mark to run underlying db
    • who would do graph server backend?
    • vlad working on graph server UI
  • Moz2 mini farm implementation
  • Talos on the try server bug 398192
    • in the next 3 weeks, low priority. Really - its also a Q1 goal.

  • Things to add to the list:
    • DOM performance - resource constrained
    • Run TS tests with another (dirty) profile - on the schedule
    • Adding new tests to talos - justin to follow up with schrep
    • Free page set/Redo page set - low on priority level, could be farmed out