Performance/Infra Status Meetings/2008-February-13

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  • AI's
  • Infrastructure items
  • Q1 Goals

Action Items

  • AI: Alice
    • Push 10.5 this week
    • nochrome tests - done, on staging, then push to production this
    • setup staging env - this week
  • AI: Justin
  • AI: Robcee
    • sunspider is Tjss and in production
  • AI: Michael
    • to follow up with Ken about reducing page set size to reduce cycle time
    • working
  • AI: vlad
    • AI: IT waiting on push to live, bug 414890
    • still on track for fixes/enhancements
  • AI:joduinn
    • blog about killing tinderboxen -> talos
    • closing off tinderboxen bug 413695 blocked on waiting for talos tests to be duplicated bug 413713 bug 413714.
    • waiting for builds
  • AI:bhearsum
    • show alice where the moz2 builds can be found


  • Graph server fixes
    • Using a #type=series to switch into the series graph mode (old "dgraph") is a bit fragile, since hitting reload won't actually reload the page. Need a better way to choose, I may also just make the graph icon in the upper left be a dropdown
    • Need to put back ability to link to graph
    • Need to put back Bonsai / CSV / etc.
    • Need to put back autoscale checkbox
    • Can't resize graphs; in particular the horizontal scrolling kind of sucks, I have an idea of how to fix that.
    • Need to let you specify the date range for series graphs; that is, right now it only lets you pick data from the last 30 days, need a "more" button to load more.
  • Moz2 mini farm implementation
  • Discussion over Talos/Tbox stability
    • 10.5 needs to be pushed, waiting on 10.5.2 for stability issues
    • should IT take over support - done
    • other talos issues
  • Fast cycle machine
    • Bring machines up this week - done
    • waiting on second
  • Talos on the try server bug 398192
    • in the next 3 weeks, low priority
  • Add a wiki page for perf outage reports
  • Things to add to the list:
    • DOM performance - resource constrained
    • Run TS tests with another (dirty) profile - on the schedule
    • Adding new tests to talos - justin to follow up with schrep
    • Free page set/Redo page set - low on priority level, could be farmed out
  • Goals for q1
    • more production machines - Moz2/10.4/10.5 up and running,
    • more automated images/setup - scripting
    • JS speed test
    • talos stability fixes
    • analyzing results in dashboard
    • TS tests with another (dirty) profile (qa to provide profile)
  • Q4 goals:
      • stable production talos for branch trunk (4 platforms) on tree - DONE
      • perf enabled try server - Robcee?
      • stand alone talos box - DONE
      • baselines for historical numbers - Punting
      • graph server improvements (perhaps seneca) - on Vlad to do this Q.
      • Bring up new tinderboxen to run leak and mochi tests on debug builds - DONE