Performance/Infra Status Meetings/2008-March-05

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  • AI's
  • Infrastructure items
  • Q1 Goals

Action Items

  • AI: Alice
    • Push 10.5 / leapard machines - blocked on graph server stuff, low priority
    • fast cycle and jss (this week)
    • moz2 machines - 1 set/platform next 2 weeks
  • AI:robcee
    • setup staging env - waiting for robcee, low priority
  • AI: Justin
  • AI: Mikael
    • to follow up with Ken about reducing page set size to reduce cycle time
      • taking a long time, should be done in the next week
    • working with alice to bring up more machines
  • AI: vlad
    • still on track for fixes/enhancements, working with mark and webdev
  • AI:joduinn
    • closing off tinderboxen bug 413695. Trunk today, 1.8 next week.
    • waiting for builds
      • finalizing moz2 buildbot master configs bug 377929
      • waiting on mac hardware for mac builds bug 391251. Hardware arrived, deciding between 10.4 and 10.5


  • changing phone number?
    • x91 294#
  • time for next week?
    • consolidating with TDAI meeting?
  • Graph server fixes
    • Using a #type=series to switch into the series graph mode (old "dgraph") is a bit fragile, since hitting reload won't actually reload the page. Need a better way to choose, I may also just make the graph icon in the upper left be a dropdown
    • Need to put back ability to link to graph
    • Need to put back Bonsai / CSV / etc.
    • Need to put back autoscale checkbox
    • Can't resize graphs; in particular the horizontal scrolling kind of sucks, I have an idea of how to fix that.
    • Need to let you specify the date range for series graphs; that is, right now it only lets you pick data from the last 30 days, need a "more" button to load more.
  • Who works on Graph server?
    • mark to run underlying db
    • who would do graph server backend?
    • vlad working on graph server UI
  • Moz2 mini farm implementation
  • Talos on the try server bug 398192
    • in the next 3 weeks, low priority. Really - its also a Q1 goal.
  • Things to add to the list:
    • DOM performance - resource constrained
    • Run TS tests with another (dirty) profile - on the schedule
    • Adding new tests to talos - justin to follow up with schrep
    • Free page set/Redo page set - low on priority level, could be farmed out