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Snappy Sep 27, 2012 Status (no meeting this week)


  • Gavin will write down Q3 frontend goal
  • Outreach with Twitter on bug 784920, twitter is causing sync layout which harm the browser when the tab is in the background
  • wlach will revew and compare to eideticker for desktop
  • bug 792527 - bas to add Telemetry
  • CSS animation start jank - jeff/ehsan to ping david baron (bug 753139)
  • bug 781588 - Some work has happened but seems to have paused, lmandel to follow up


Nothing incoming.


Tab switch performance - jrmuizel

Results from the past week
Todo this week

Fix cache - hurley, bbondy

Results from the past week
  • bug 105843 - Cache lost if Mozilla crashses. Telemetry data is in and more stablized now. Here is the expected improvements: [bbondy]
    • Windows: 9.3% -> 2.88%
    • Linux: 22.34% -> 6.07%
    • Darwin: 11.85% -> 2.96%
Todo this week
  • Won't have time to revisit this for a week or two, but I'll jump in on more of the implementation after that. [bbondy]

Profiler - jrmuizel/BenWa/Ehsan (and more)

Results from the past week

Startup optimizations - bbondy

Results from the past week
  • Tim fixed bug 650968 - persona startup slowness, according to Tim's comment 78, may save ~10% of start-up time