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Snappy Nov 29, 2012, Minutes


  • lmandel to follow up with Bas about bug 792527
    • pinged bas in the bug (the bug that Bas is working on is bug 509052)
  • lmandel to talk to UX to about flash hang detection UI
    • spoke with madhava who said shorlander will review
  • [dropped] jrmuizel to write story about how much time gfx calls contribute to tab switch
  • taras to start discussion about changing what hardware people managers/etc run
    • taras to show qa about the awesomeness of using crappy hardware
    • done. ashughes is picking up the torch.
  • taras? to set-up an opt-in add-on to report privacy-invasive telemetry on tabswitch/etc (to help track down worst perf offenders)
    • irving suggests that we may be able to do what we want with a test pilot study
    • not likely that we're going to make much progress on this at this point
  • lmandel to follow up with privacy about letting specific non MoCo contributors look at ChromeHang data
    • strangecharm provided process for the request
    • vlad will file the bug


  • Moving SessionStore writes off the main thread (yoric, bug 794091, landed)
  • Moving SessionStore reads off the main thread (yoric, bug 532150, pending reviews)
  • Moving Page Thumbs writes off the main thread (yoric, bug 753768, pending reviews)
  • Splitting Session Store snapshot into chunks (yoric and/or irving, bug 669034, not really resumed yet)
  • Moving Search Service metadata I/O off the main thread (yoric, bug 760036, pending reviews)

Projects (trying out a new format this week)

Startup & Shutdown

benwa, vladan, rafael, bbondy


Tab Strip (tab switch)

jrmuizel, bas, avi

  • lmandel, taras, vlad spoke with madhava about australis
    • need to show demo of the issues and come up with a list of specific recommendations. will need to do some back and forth with ux about what can be done in a reasonably performant way in the near term
    • design process should be to start with primatives and build up until it becomes slow
  • Avi is working on a project to make tab strip 60fps on slow netbook

Content (GC, CC, DOM storage, flash hang, DOM event/task scheduling)

billm, jcoppeard, smaug, mccr8, aklotz


Page Load (cache, dns)

josh, hurley

  • Taras: File a bug on cache fragmentation

Tools (profiler, eideticker, peptest, talos)

benwa, jrmuizel, ahal, mcote, wlach