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Snappy: Tab Strip


To make interaction with the Firefox tab strip fast and fluid.


User Benefit

Tab strip is one of the primary modes of user interaction with Firefox. It needs to be fast and fluid and is currently not as fluid as the competition.



  • Reimplement parts of tab strip with fast primitives guided by feedback from GFX profiling
    • Tab strip animation
    • Tab switching overhead
    • Fix unnecessary layout flushing
    • Utilize OMTC CSS animations
    • Fix layout to make OMTC useful
  • Fix layout to decrease redraws
  • Fix non GFX accelerated mode performance issues(50% fixed?)
  • Persona/theme overhead(50% there?)
  • Session store data collection
  • new tab page preloading(almost done?)
  • Remove use of local storage in new tab, about:home


Who: 2 frontend + 1 layout, 1 gfx=4people. 4months


Risk ID Description
TS000 Improving existing backend features to improve tab strip + rewriting tab strip will reduce ability to implement new features