Performance/Status Meetings/2007-December-12

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  • Smaug's patch for content object in bug 403830 is showing good wins. Awaiting sr.
  • JS still showing up really high.
    • Pav is working with the JavaScript Engine developers on this.
  • Layout is showing up next as a churning. Could use nsAutoTArray more on stack to avoid heap allocations.

Status on found leak bugs

  • Not much new to report

Fixed bugs

  • 23 leaks resolved since last week. [1]
    • 6 bugs fixed in past week.
    • Jesse marked some old leak bugs as WFM.

Action Items

  • AI:sicking Look into enabling trace-refcount, without the tracing part in nightlies.
  • AI:cbarrett Look into OS leaks on Mac.
  • AI:dbaron Make assertions fatal on new windows leak box.
  • AI:sicking Test leaked handles on windows manually using purify.
  • AI:sayrer Run leak buster while looking for trace-malloc leaks.
  • AI:sicking to go through and prioritize leak bugs

Perf (speed) discussion

  • Txul platform differences according to mac mini machines
    • mac: slowest on 1.8, slower still on 1.9 (30% regression)
    • windows: fastest on 1.8, now in second place (30% regression)
    • linux: middle on 1.8, now fastest on 1.9 (30% improvement)
  • massive Ts regression in 2006
    • Related to thread manager landing
    • [AI:vlad] looking for an owner, will talk to Damon
  • Firefox front-end perf
    • sayer to put list of tasks on wiki
    • dolske will do some profiling work

  • On radar (unowned stuff that people have mentioned have mentioned we should look at at some point)
    • Stuart's page-out/page-in tests?
    • Theme optimization
    • roc's scrollbar issues
    • startup performance (fastload perf, loading libXUL and other files, etc.) (unowned)
    • more work to speed up onSecurityChange, but further work will require SSL work and reducing the number of notifications