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zach, sdwilsh, mwu, shebs, joduinn, vlad, dbaron, bzbarsky, bhearsum



  • Generate reliable, relevant performance data (already underway as talos). Talos status update?
    • running against hourly builds on trunk, see MozillaTest
    • lots of crashes with historical runs, wondering if its doable.
    • released branch points already available on 1.8 branch.
    • robcee/alice to start using smaller Tp set
  • Discuss talos cpu usage metric
    • cpu usage numbers... discussion on how cpu usage being calculated.
    • going to ignore those numbers for now, no humans looking at them.
    • AI:zach will merge changes
  • Areas where help is needed
  • expand the scope of performance testing beyond Ts/Tp/TXUL/TDHMTL
  • reduce noise in tests
    • reduce to ~1% (suggested by bz, not started)
    • move perf tests to chrome, so we get more reliable results, and can test more than just content
    • AI:vlad & dbaron to checkin hopefully today
  • improve performance reporting and analyses:
    • Better reports for sheriffs to easily spot perf regressions
    • Tracking down specific performance issues
  • stats change to track AUS usage by osversion. bug#382044. AI:justin
  • Priorities for infra:
    • Generate historical baselines
    • General profile data regularly on builds
    • Getting the perf numbers more stable
    • Developing the graph server to display time spent in each module
  • New ideas
    • Question: How are we tracking perf bugs, specifically, and are we doing this the same way we are triaging security bugs? Can we do it the same way if not? (AI:damon)

Gecko: Perf discussion

  • Perfathon update
    • vlad has data
  • pageload test rewrite (bug 387110)
    • since we have a chance at a clean break, we should look at how the composite scores are calculated
    • do we still want to ignore the biggest value when computing the mean and stddev? (there is caching and stuff that happens during the first time a page is loaded that ends up beneficially effecting subsequent page loads)
    • do we want to more cycle more intelligently?
      • e.g. do we want to keep cycling (up to some max) until the stddev drops below some number?
      • do we want to try to intelligently throw outliers out?
  • Talos results
    • What's it look like for 1.8 -> 1.9?
  • Todo: verification of test results
    • Fonts, valid rendering, etc.
    • TODO: Stuart: verify that concerns about talos results are addressed
  • probe update
    • stan taking over mozilla/gecko side of probe work
      • will get Sun's dtrace patch as well as xp-probes checked in to new toplevel dir, then work on merging the two
    • crowder taking spidermonkey side
      • will be dtrace only
    • module owners should let stan know if they have any situations that they'd like to analyze, so that he has more information about how to structure the probe work.
      • for example, examining loading from network performance vs. loading from disk
    • Sun guys will be here on Aug 30 to do a presentation on dtrace, followed by hands-on work with a smaller group of engineers

Previous weeks

  • jrpof tinderbox
  • synthetic tests (TODO)
    • put specific tests into talos framework
    • poach mochitest performance tests
    • individual reftest-like items
  • need to get a bunch of people looking at profiles (TODO)
    • take up some of these meetings to sit down and look at profiles
    • timer-based profiling is better (vtune/jprof/oprofile/etc., not quantify)
    • TODO: vlad to generate profile for next week's meeting
  • running without Fx chrome
    • new pageloader stuff can do this
  • examining default theme for performance issues
  • Tp vs. Tp2
    • new pageloader stuff avoids this problem
    • Tp2 was flawed in some ways -- one big one is that it loaded pages in an iframe, so initial paint delay was never coming into play, and we were potentially reflowing more thannecessary

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