Performance/Status Meetings/2007-May-24

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Action Item Update


  • Choosing time/frequency of meeting
  • Talos status
  • Graph server status
  • Areas where help is needed
  • Reducing test variance
  • New ideas

Action Items

  • Preed: Assist Robcc with BB Master instance (use ref plat)
  • Alice/Robcc: File bugs/bullet list of areas others could help for perf infra
  • Justin: follow up with Rob H on JProf
  •  ??: Getting higher resolution timers for tests

Other Information

Priorities for infra:

  • Get farm up with new machines reporting data for trunk
  • Generate historical baselines
  • General profile data regularly on builds
  • Getting the perf numbers more stable
  • Developing the graph server to display time spent in each module