Performance/Status Meetings/2007-October-17

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  • AI's
  • Infrastructure items
  • Q4 Goals
  • Gecko

Action Items

  • AI:alice complete Stand Alone talos doc
  • AI:schrep talk to linux vendors about native theme painting performance
    • Coop changed talos to accommodate, so now doing performance test runs again.
  • AI: vlad Investigate pageloader component numbers on 1.8 -- bug 396628
    • vlad unable to reproduce; vlad and alice to meet.
  • AI: ben/justin Make images of clean talos slave; easier future setup (how many machines need to be ordered?), bring up new machines bug 398584
    • Machines are ready to be imaged bug 398427
    • Stock up on minis?
  • AI:justin Write up goals, need to decided on remaining perf goal.


  • bhearsum is going to be working primarily in Build for the next 1-2 months.
    • Will still be supporting the existing Talos machines
    • Working on Try server Talos, Vista slaves, baselines is on the back burner for now.
  • Mac Tp numbers seem extremely high, especially on trunk
  • Discussion over Talos/Tbox stability
    • Much more stable - planned to add the tests to the production tree in 1 month (11/3)
    • blocked on bug 393338
  • Talos status update?
    • Tdhtml/Tgfx/Tsvg for Talos landed (Txul will land very soon, too)
      • What slaves do we want these tests running?
    • Page-load-server component question - see vlad's AI.
  • Talos for Mozilla2
    • Ben to create a mini for imaging, IT will image and get Ben talos server. Robcee/alice to help with the integration to master. bug 398584
  • Talos on the try server bug 398192
    • The Buildbot side is moving quickly, I've already run a couple of test slaves.
    • Managing/interpreting the data will take longer to figure out.
  • Leak/Mochi tests on debug builds
  • Talk about the happenings on the tree wrt bug 400045
    • Ben/Robcee to look at numbers
  • Goals for q4
    • Agreed goals:
      • stable production talos for branch trunk (4 platforms) on tree
      • perf enabled try server
      • stand alone talos box
      • baselines for historical numbers
      • graph server improvements (perhaps seneca)
      • investigate (rock) performance solutions for mobile
      • Bring up new tinderboxen to run leak and mochi tests on debug builds.

Gecko: Perf discussion

  • dtrace status
    • luser reviewing main patch for Solaris
  • Followups
    • sessionStore is really slow, needs to be fixed (needs owner (dietrich/simon) -- bug 398807)
    • cycle collection and talos, esp. with destroy patch (jonas)
      • need to force cycle collection in between page load? (api bug 399927)
        • concerns about not measuring real-world performance
        • figure out how to measure cc impact on real-world as opposed to artificial (talos) navigation
  • On radar
    • Theme optimization (unowned)
    • roc's scrollbar issues
    • startup performance (fastload perf, loading libXUL and other files, etc.) (unowned)
    • dtrace -G on mac support
    • can do more work to speed up onSecurityChange, but further work will require SSL work and reducing the number of notifications
    • others?

Completed AIs

Other Information

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