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Action Items

  • AI:justin still open stats change to track AUS usage by osversion. bug 382044.
  • AI:vlad/alice still open proxy-server work bug 389703 (ready for integration with Talos). rob arnold back at school. vlad/alice to land patch and possible integrate with Talos.
    • stuart's been using this and works well. Probably won't need to change our pageset for 1.9, this is for future use.
  • AI:schrep talk to linux vendors about native theme painting performance
    • Coop changed talos to accommodate, so now doing performance test runs again.
    • Build group still working on renaming the win ref platform machines back. bug 387167
  • AI:bhearsum file a ticket to reimage mac minis to 10.4.8


  • Discussion over Talos/Tbox stability
  • Talos status update?
    • Mac Port status?
    • New Vlad Tp test status?
      • Plan: we will do a) new machines; b) new pageloader; c) old (300-page alexa) pageset
    • Page-load-server migration. See bug 373848 for details.
  • bhearsum's priority list
      1. Get Win32 Talos slaves up to compare old vs. new pageloader
      2. Linux/Mac trunk/branch Talos baselining
      3. Linux/Mac on-checkin slaves
      4. Finish up next try server version (includes HG support)

Gecko: Perf discussion

  • probe status
    • jst: memory leak tracking
    • sayrer: js/chrome performance
    • more? need to make wiki page collecting this stuff - Performance:Probes is a start
  • Status on GFX Perf Goals for Q3
  • Working Set / Private Bytes spike after JS fast native landing: bug 390847 bug 395828. Need to try Talos runs without memoized single-character strings.
  • Startup Ts drag happens mostly in XUL. Measured startup component time in nsAppRunner.

Completed AIs

Other Information

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