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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities


QA Issues

Status updates

  • sdwilsh
    • Working on some weave-impact bugs for 1.9.1
      • bug 468307 Multiple observer events fire for addition, removal (has review; needs updated patch)
      • bug 468305 nsINavBookmarksObserver has no "onBeforeRemove" callback (landed on all branches)
  • mak
    • bug 390614: on branch and trunk, working on a test for splitting library too, then looking at bug 485703 that sounds like a wanted improvement.
    • Worked on chrome browser-chrome tests for various bugs that are waiting for approval
    • bug 457708: no update from last week
    • bug 480873: need dietrich to look at possible approach to finish it up
  • adw
    • Places stats sprint: blogged at; 212 stats collected so far; gussied up table page with glossary, mouseovers
    • Clear recent history sprint (bug 480169): working hard on this; got solution to tree problem from last week; difficult stuff mostly done, polish and tests left
  • ddahl
    • Checkin-needed for bug 410196 - copy/paste history to tag container
    • Started work on bug 416580 "Disable copying and other commands on "special" Library folders"
    • while working on the above, discovered a crash bug: bug 485442 - created reproducable test case
    • ongoing JS Orm tinkering
    • Looks like we have collected 212 sets of stats - the winner still has 12779 bookmarks. ready to build a min / max / avg places profile at any time to publish here or on the places-stats site. Blog post is here


  • MDC
    • the migration guide needs history api and dynamic container examples. (dietrich)
    • the design documents linked from MDC need to be written. can probably cull from the old design overview docs.
    • Documentation non-existent:
      • dynamic containers (MaK77)
        • will do as soon as they are working properly